The intriguing storyline of shaadi mubarak has kept the viewers hooked to their television screens. In the show audience will witness Neelima blaming Preeti for KT’s condition after knowing about the matter from Rati and will taunts Preeti for being devious, Neelima further declares to take revenge from her while Kusum hears them.

Meanwhile Juhi ask Preeti to think about her decision of quitting shaadi mubarak, to which Preeti stays determined and says that she will leave shaadi mubarak no matter what but won’t ever stop working. Further kt confronts Preeti and ask her to not take any decision without knowing about the whole matter but she just blames him for lying while he warns her that she is doing the same mistake which he have done that is taking decision without knowing about the truth and leaves asking her to do whatever she wants.

KT remembers all the good moments of his and Preeti and then tears the stick notes being frustrated while Preeti looks on. Later sheena informs them about the meeting and they goes to meet the client when a lady pushed them internationally and passes by, she looks at KT from aside and murmers to meet him soon. KT and Preeti greets their client AT, while he calls KT as KT pa, later on Preeti and KT gets shocked seeing KT’s photograph in AT’s wallet.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see KT getting suspicious about AT and will enquire about him and his mother, while AT bring his mother covered in veil and make her meet Preeti and KT. On the other side Preeti feels weird about this contract and gets tensed about managing it, while a lady keeps an eye on KT and his moves.

How is AT related to KT? and why is that lady behind Keertan? Will KT be able to find about the truth and most important will Preeti quit shaadi mubarak?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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