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Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: KT and Preeti plans to find about Neel's truth

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is all set for high voltage drama. In the earlier episode Kusum video calls Preeti on KT’s insistence but instead of solving everything in between them she curses Preeti for giving pain to her daughter. She looses her temper and keeps shouting at Preeti while KT snatches the phone from her being furious and took stand for Preeti. He tries to explain Kusum but she ask him to leave. As KT reaches home Neel told him about Preeti being missing. He says that he is really worried for Preeti while KT states that she must have gone to orphanage as she visits their when she is in extreme pain. At that time Preeti comes there and hears their conversation with teary eyes. She sits on the lawn and remember all the accusations of Kusum. She gets flashes of how KT took stand for her and does everything to remove her pain.

KT comes there while she ask that why he feels pain seeing her sad even when he does not love her? She states that she must be lacking something that KT could not able to feel for her while he pours his heart out saying that his heart got jammed after Nandini’s betrayal. He tells that he tries a lot to love Preeti as she is the most beautiful women he have seen but his heart is at fault. He shows his inner struggle while Preeti hugs him. She consoles him and both looks at each other. Later on they saw Neel trying to remove his engagement ring and when Preeti asked about it, He made an excuse and goes from there. In the morning KT and Preeti gets shocked knowing about Neel’s marriage date after 2 days while Preeti gets suspicious on Neelima. KT gets stunned seeing newspaper article in which Kusum wants to sell her house and shows it to Preeti. She says that Kusum is not in her senses and they have to bring out Neel’s truth to calm her. She gets determined while KT looks at her.

Now in the upcoming episode Preeti will go to KT and reminds him about his words that a marriage is nothing without love. She says that a marriage can’t last without love in it and demands for divorce from him while he gets shocked hearing her.

Will Preeti be able to find the truth? What will be Kusum’s reaction after knowing Neel’s truth? Will KT start loving Preeti? Will Neel share his pain to KT?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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