Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Neel slaps Priyanka
Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler: Neel slaps Priyanka

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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is keeping the audiences engaged with its twist and turns. In the earlier episode Neelima gets furious at Priyanka for bringing out surrogacy topic while Priyanka blames her for hiding something. Neel slaps Priyanka in order to shut her while KT and Preeti scolds him. Later on KT decides not to go for surrogacy as it will upset Neelima. He states that he just need Preeti in his life while she thinks that she don’t have enough time and so wants to give a child to him who will be her reminder. They spend some moments together.

In the morning KT surprises Neelima with a breakfast date while she ask the reason behind it. He tries to make her understand to not force Preeti for the child but Preeti comes there and interrupted them acting to be nauseous. She lies about being pregnant while Neelima gets excited. Later on KT confronts Preeti for lying! To which she shows the happiness of family members and ask him that don’t he want a child of himself? To which he agrees but states that for him she will always be the priority and continues that he only want her presence for lifetime. She gets teary eyes thinking about her illness. He says that he can see fear in her eyes and ask her to tell the truth but she diverts him.

On the other side Neel apologizes to Priyanka while she shows her disappointment towards his behaviour. Preeti tries to convince KT for surrogacy while he somehow agrees for her happiness. She ask him to meet the surrogate but he denies stating that for him she will only be the mother of his child. Preeti gets happy and goes to meet Purti. She thanks her and ask to take care of herself. Preeti recites her speech in front of KT while he claps being happy. She feels dizzy and holds her head. KT worries for her and goes to get medicines.

Now in the upcoming episode Preeti will feel dizzy and ask KT to go to the award function on her behalf. Meanwhile Preeti goes to meet Purti and gets shocked seeing her consuming alcohol. She breaks all the bottles and prohibited Purti from drinking it making her stunned. On the other side KT shows the award to Neelima excitedly while they both goes upstairs to check on Preeti’s health. Preeti returns back and gets shocked seeing KT’s car. She gets inside hurriedly in order to keep the truth away from KT.

Will Neelima agree for surrogacy? What will be family’s reaction after knowing about Preeti’s lie? How will KT react after learning about Preeti’s illness? Is Purti trustable?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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