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Star Plus popular daily soap Shaadi Mubarak is going for an interesting turn of events. In the earlier episode Preeti caught KT red handed when he was trying to hear her and Purti’s conversation in order to find about the truth. Purti blurted out about helping KT in his plan while KT sends her out and confronts Preeti that he wants to know what is she trying to hide from him? She lies that she is worried about surrogacy matter while KT says that he only needs Preeti in his life and she is more precious to him rather then anything else including their child.

On the other side Neelima collided with Purti and her file goes to Purti’s bag. Neel again apologizes to Priyanka but she decides not to forgive him. He thinks that he have to try some other ways to seek her forgiveness. Purti’s surrogacy process gets started while Preeti takes extra care of her. Neelima and Shivraj worries about the file as they doesn’t find it. Shivraj scolds Neelima for her carelessness and gets tensed about their hidden truth. They checks the cctv footage and tries to find about the girl who collided with Neelima. At that time Preeti and KT comes there while KT ask them what they are discussing about? To which Neelima lies that they are searching for the best doctors for Preeti.

KT prays to god for Preeti’s happiness and their child while Preeti adores him. She thinks that the child will be KT’s gift from her side while he faces her saying that he only needs her for lifelong. Preeti gets emotional. Later on Preeti calls Purti and reminds her about eating fruits. Purti gets frustrated with Preeti’s behaviour and ask her to cut the call. KT laughs hearing their conversation while Preeti feels dizzy. KT feeds her and states that from now on he will take care of her. Preeti goes for her cancer treatment while doctor praises her for her bravery. Preeti ask if she will get cured? To which doctor says that they are giving best treatment and the result will depend on how Preeti’s body will react to it. She ask Preeti to take care of herself while Preeti nods.

Now in the upcoming episode Purti will get doubtful on Preeti and KT’s intention. She thinks what if they both left her with the child and tries to call them. KT and Preeti being busy in the temple couldn’t able to pick Purti’s call. Purti goes restless and comes to stay in Tibrewal mansion with her luggage. KT and Preeti gets shocked Seeing her while all the family members looks at her being confused.

How family will react seeing Purti? What KT and Preeti will say to their family? Will Preeti be able to fight against cancer? What’s inside the file for which Neelima and Shivraj are worried? Will Purti be able to conceive?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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