After witnessing over 20 inspiring speakers, Star Plus’ show TED Talks India Nayi Baat is heading towards its final weekend. This week we will get to see another motivating speaker Arun Sukumar, who is a cyber security expert.

The theme of the episode is Kamaal Ka Kal and speaker Arun Sukumar will take centre stage and throw light on the coming of age of machines in India. He says that the average Indian does not see or engage the ‘machine’ during the course of their personal or professional life. Nearly half the country’s population is not connected to the internet.

With the introduction of ‘intelligent’ machines few lives or livelihoods in India will remain untouched by advanced technologies. Arun Sukumar, “The machines of the future will be highly sophisticated devices, perpetually online and capable of dominating our life in its fullest sense. Indians with their sheer diversity will steer that relationship: machines will be taught by us in our great diversity.”

Excited about this new research and idea, Shah Rukh Khan said, “As you mentioned Arun, the experience that we provide to these machines will be diverse hence the data, thoughts and process will help to lead the world (in 10 years).”

He also had a short request for the expert, “In case you make a love machine, I request you to give him name – Shah Rukh Khan (laughs).”

Are we planning for the future or are we planning for laziness?

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