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The episode begins with Nikki holds Chaya’s braid to protect Sumitra. Chaya gets attacked and falls down. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Vikram asks Chaya that whether she is fine. Chaya gets up and laughs. She leaves from there without saying anything. Nikki wonders why Chaya is laughing like this. Saudamini wonders why Chaya did not get angry at Nikki.

Sumitra asks Nikki that how the latter did that. Nikki says that she don’t know. Vikram says that Chaya should have get angry but she laughed and left. Piyush asks Nikki that whether she is fine. Nikki tells him that she is fine. Piyush says that Nikki need rest and he takes her to a room. He tells her that first Chaya could not hypnotise the Nikki and now Chaya got attacked like there is a power inside Nikki. He asks her that did not she felt anything. Nikki tells him that she is confused and she is not understanding anything. He nods at her and leaves from there.

Malik goes to Kapalika and asks her that whether she can hear his heartbeat. He says that his heart is beating after many years. He tells her that she would have been happy with him if she did not went against him then. He scolds her for trying to kill Nikki when she know he can get all the powers because of Nikki. He informs her that he gave Nikki’s protection to Chaya. He adds that Chaya will face bigger punishment than Kapalika if Chaya choosed Kapalika’s path then..

Nikki looks at her back shoulder and says that it glowed but now it’s normal. She looks at her back shoulder through mirror. She gets shocked seeing glow. She understands this power attacked Chaya. She wonders how it entered her body.

Vikram says that if it was not magic then what it was. Piyush tells Vikram that Nikki don’t know anything even she was shocked. Pratik tells Piyush that they saw what happened. Aarohi says that maybe there is a power inside Nikki. Pratik asks her that whether she is saying Nikki is like Malik and Chaya. Sumitra says that there is a possibility it’s divine power.

Nikki asks herself that what’s the meaning of that power. She hears Paldevi voice. She says that she know Paldevi gave this power to her. Paldevi accepts that she sent this power to protect Nikki from evil. She says that this power won’t help Nikki if Nikki did anything wrong then.

Chaya says that divine power is protecting Nikki. And says that she saw glow on Nikki’s back shoulder. Saudamini asks Chaya that why the latter did not punish Nikki. Chaya asks Saudamini about spy who gave her information to Malik. Saudamini says that there is no spy in the palace. She adds that some invisible creature of Malik must exist. Chaya says that that’s not possible. She makes Saudamini fly. She gets an idea to learn about divine power.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chaya says that she can’t drink Nikki’s blood until divine power protects Nikki so she has to destroy that divine power.

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Shaitani Rasmein 12th April 2024 Written Update: Chaya learns about Nikki’s special power