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Episode begins with Dai ma tells Babaji that Piyush is going to get married. Babaji tells her that Piyush’s choice is right and they are made for each other. He says that Piyush can’t escape from shaitan and Piyush has to return with Nikki to Bhurangad. He adds that one more Suhaagan will die. Dai sa says that she won’t let Piyush return. And she decides to stop Piyush and leaves from there. She gets shocked seeing Kapalika there. Kapalika asks Dai ma that how can the latter think to go against Malik. Dai ma apologizes to Kapalika. Kapalika kills Dai ma using her power. She says that she want one more suhaagan and laughs.

In the Goa, Nikki’s friends praises about Piyush to Nikki. Veronica says that Nikki is getting married to Piyush because of her. Nikki says that Piyush convinced her to spend so much in marriage. She wonders where is Piyush. Piyush sings a song for her and moves towards her. He takes her to dance floor and dances with her. She tells him that he is fulfilling her dreams. He tells her that her dreams are their dreams. He says that he feel like he met her always. She tells him that he know she is an orphan and she want big family. He nods at her.

Sister Anita comes there. Nikki apologizes to Anita. She says that friends wanted bachelorette party. Veronica recalls that how she called Anita. Anita tells Nikki to go to hostel and take rest because tomorrow is the latter’s marriage. Nikki leaves from there. Anita tells Piyush that she is still not able to believe that he is marrying Nikki tomorrow because he met Nikki 10 days back only and their status is different. Piyush tells Anita that fairytales exists. He says that he is also an orphan. Anita asks him to take care of Nikki. He promises to treat Nikki like princess.

Next day, in the church, Piyush tells thanks to Jesus for bringing Nikki in his life. Nikki comes there. They gets married. He is about to kiss her but stops hearing a voice. One person tells Piyush that Raja sa and Rani sa wants Piyush to return to Bhurangad with Nikki. He says that Piyush is second son of Raja sa. Nikki asks Piyush that whether the latter lied. Piyush tells her that he hided the truth because he wanted true love. He tells that person that he won’t return to Bhurangad.

Nikki tells Piyush that they will go to Bhurangad first and then they will go to London. Piyush tells her that she can’t adjust with his family. She tells him that she is ready to perform the rituals. He hears a voice of Kapalika. Kapalika tells Piyush that she killed Dai ma. She orders him to come to Bhurangad with Nikki. She warns him to not try to go against Malik. Piyush tells Nikki that they will go to Bhurangad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Piyush and Nikki reaches Bhurangad.