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Episode begins with King asks Kadam that how can the latter betray him. Swarnaprava learns that Kadam is commander of King and Kadam promised to kidnap her. She asks Kadam that what is all this. Kadam accepts that he broke the promise he gave to King. He says that he realised that he should not support destruction. King tells Kadam to get ready to die. He kills soldiers.

Kadam tells Swarnaprava that they should run from there. Swarnaprava asks Kadam that he came to her to kidnap her. Kadam tells her that King wanted to rule the universe using her magic power so he promised to help King. She asks him that whether their love and marriage is part of his plan. He tells her that he really fell in love with her. He asks her to trust him and his love. He says that commander Kadam died and he is Swarnaprava’s Kadam now. Swarnaprava stops King’s attack. Nikki gets injured in the fight.

Saudamini wonders why Nikki is getting injuries. She decides to find out what’s happening with Nikki. She thinks that she can kill Nikki using this chance. Piyush tells Vikram that it’s time to give medicine to Nikki and leaves from there. Vikram wonders where is Saudamini. Saudamini thinks that Malik won’t spare her if he learnt that she killed Nikki then. She hides after hearing footsteps. Piyush comes there and gets worried seeing Nikki’s injuries. He says that he has to bring Nikki back. Saudamini gets confused hearing this.

Sumitra and Suguna comes there. Piyush asks Sumitra about the medicine which Baldevi game him. They searches that medicine. Piyush tells Sumitra that without that medicine they can’t bring Nikki from the past. Saudamini understands that Nikki time travelled to the past. She finds the medicine and takes it. She thinks that it will be good for her if Nikki never returned from the past then. She escapes from there. Piyush cries holding Nikki’s hand.

Swarnaprava yells at King. King tells her that he is glad she know him. She taunts him. He warns her to not do that. She tells him that he is in her kingdom and he can’t return alive to his kingdom. Kadam fights with the person who gave information to King. Swarnaprava says that today is auspicious day and she will kill King today. King laughs. He tells her that he heard stories about her. He says that Swarnaprava looks like fool. He adds that he want Swarnaprava. She taunts him for planning to defeat her. She says that it’s impossible to defeat her and she uses her power to tie King. But King unties himself. He tells her that she is increasing his love for her. She tells him that he is increasing her anger for him.

Piyush asks Suguna to do something because Nikki is bleeding. He says that he is not understanding they are careless. Saudamini collides with Yashvant and falls down. She flirts with him in different voice and runs from there. Swarnaprava tells King that she will send him to hell. Nikki sees all this.

Episode ends.

PrecapĀ  – King tells Swarnaprava that she she has to kill Kadam if she want to kill him then. Kadam asks Swarnaprava to not make their love become her weakness.

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