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The episode begins with Suguna says that thinking to kill Daakini is inviting death for them. Piyush tells her that they have to try because they can’t live like this forever. Sumitra tells Suguna that she decided to walk on this path. She asks Suguna that where they can get Satya darpan. Suguna says that they have to make Satya darpan. She reveals that elder of the family has to make normal darpan as Satya darpan by telling the life secret to darpan. She asks Sumitra that whether the latter can do that. Sumitra says that she is ready. They goes to Vikram and tells him everything.

Vikram asks them that if they became mad. He tells Sumitra that he did not expected this from her. He says that he can’t risk his life again. He adds that everyone will die if Chaya got to know that they are plotting against her. Sumitra asks him that whether he is ready to lose Piyush. She says that if Nikki failed to defeat Daakini then Chaya will kill Piyush. Piyush tells Vikram that they have to give weapon to Nikki for everyone protection. He says that it’s not just for Nikki’s safety.

Nikki comes there. She asks Vikram to support her in this path. She says that she will win and she won’t disappoint him. Vikram recalls that how she saved him earlier. Vikram shook his head. He says that Nikki’s intention is fishy. Piyush tells Vikram that it’s his plan. He says that he did all the research. Vikram says that Nikki has to go to Daakini marriage and bring Daakini’s heart to perform shaitani rasmein. Chaya comes there and asks what’s happening.

On the other hand, Pratik and Bhavani singh learns that dead body disappeared from cremation ground. Pratik says that Daakini steals dead body for her marriage. He tries to learn from villagers about pond.

Chaya asks Gehlots that why they are screaming. Nikki apologizes to Chaya for disturbing her. She says that they discussed about something. She lies that they decided to surrender themselves to Chaya because they can’t win against her. They kneel down before Chaya. Nikki says that they are Chaya’s slaves. Chaya says that first time they did right thing and laughs. She leaves from there.

Nikki tells Vikram that Daakini is more dangerous than Chaya. She says that she won’t back off and she will go to Daakini for sure but she don’t know she will win or not. And says that she need her family support to defeat Daakini. She adds that she is ready to go without weapon if her family won’t support her then. Vikram tells her that she will get weapon. He says that he will make Satya darpan. She tells thanks to him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sumitra tells darpan that she don’t love Nikki at all. Chaya tells Sumitra that she is not fool. She asks Sumitra about their plan.

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Shaitani Rasmein 26th March 2024 Written Update: Sumitra decides to help Nikki