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Episode begins with Piyush loses his consciousness. Chaya decides to kill Piyush. Malik scolds Chaya for her wrongdoing. Chaya tells him that devils does wrongdoings. He tells her that they have few rules. He says that Piyush has to stay alive until Nikki returns. He orders her to leave Piyush. She hesitates. He asks her that whether she want to go to desert again. She apologizes to him.

On the other hand, Daakini asks Nikki give the latter’s flesh. Nikki recalls that how Piyush said he trust her. She cut her flesh and gives it to Daakini. She screams in pain. Daakini eats Nikki’s flesh. She orders her assistant to do something. Daakini’s assistant treats Nikki’s injury. Nikki gets surprised when her pain reduced. Daakini tells Nikki that the latter is not liar. Nikki thinks that she told half story to Daakini which is truth.

Daakini says that Nikki will become her assistant from today. Nikki gets happy hearing this. She thinks that it’s her first won. Daakini’s assistant performs a ritual on Nikki. Daakini tells Nikki that the latter has to sacrifice outside world. She says that Nikki has to bath once in a year with human blood. Nikki tells Daakini that she can do anything to achieve her goal. Daakini warns Nikki to not even think to betray. Nikki says that she won’t betray. Daakini slaps Nikki. She says that this slap will remind Nikki that she is malkin of the latter.

Daakini’s assistant tells Nikki that the latter is assistant of Daakini from today. Daakini tells Nikki to eat raw meat. Nikki could not eat and apologizes to Daakini. Daakini says that everyone struggles in the beginning. She adds that she has to become bride. She goes to get ready.

Nikki wonders how she is going to reach Bhurangarh with Daakini’s heart. She says that she can’t fight against Daakini’s powers without Chaya’s tears. She smells something bad. She gets shocked seeing dead body of a man. Daakini’s assistant tells Nikki that that dead body is the latter’s food. She says that they have to go to attend Daakini’s marriage rituals. She adds that Nikki is lucky that’s why Nikki got chance to attend Daakini’s marriage rituals.

Nikki goes with Daakini’s assistant. Daakini tells Nikki to perform ritual. Daakini’s assistant tells Nikki to apply blood on Daakini’s body. She says that it’s like human’s haldi ritual. Nikki obliges. Daakini tells Nikki that the latter got chance to touch her easily. She says that her story is similar to Nikki’s story. She reveals that she got married and had 3 daughters but they killed her daughters. She adds that she became Daakini to take her revenge. She asks Nikki about the latter’s enemy. Nikki tells Daakini that her enemy is really dangerous devil in this world. Daakini says that Malik is dangerous devil. Nikki gets shocked hearing this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Daakini tells Nikki about Malik.

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