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The episode begins with Bhavani Singh telling Nikki that she has to go alone from there. Pratik tells Nikki that he hate her because she is responsible for whatever happening now, but he will pray for her win for Piyush’s sake. Nikki tells thanks to him. Bhavani singh tells Nikki to take care of herself and leaves from there with Pratik. Nikki hope Piyush is there. She says that she know Piyush won’t leave her alone in this kind of situation.

Meanwhile, Piyush regains his consciousness and notices that he is tied up. He thinks that Nikki must be waiting for him. He tells sorry to Nikki. He says that Nikki has to face Daakini alone.

Nikki wonders where is Piyush. She recalls that how Chaya said ritual should happen on time. She says that she has to go alone and Piyush will find her. She notices a shield and goes inside crossing it. She tries to go out but fails. She realises that she is stuck there. She assumes that Daakini must be watching her. She recalls that how Piyush gave Chaya’s tears to her. She gets confident and moves forward.

Vikram tells Pratik that he is not understanding where Piyush went. He asks whether Piyush went to help Nikki. Sumitra tells him that that should not happen. Vikram tells Pratik to find Piyush. Chaya comes there and says that there is a possibility that Piyush went to help Nikki. She asks them to forget Piyush because he won’t return if that’s true then. She orders them to find Piyush and bring him to her. Vikram nods at her.

Nikki sees glowing eyes and falls down in fear. She notices that no one is there. She gets up and walks. She wonders whether she saw Daakini’s eyes. She gets scared hearing a noise.

Chaya goes to Piyush. She asks him that where he tried to go. She demands him to accept he tried to help Nikki. Piyush nods at her. She asks him that whether he is plotting against Malik too. She says that seems like Piyush is not scared of her. She adds that she will break his confident. She opens his shirt buttons. He asks her that what is she doing. She tells him that he is not kid to not understand. She tears his shirt. She says that she will drink Piyush’s blood after satisfying herself. She sings a song and moves around him. Saudamini sees this and gets shocked.

Nikki notices fire and runs from there. She reads warning message in the fire which tells her to return from there. She says that she can’t return. She decides to not back off. She wonders how she can cross the fire.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chaya tells Piyush to scream more because she is loving it. Other side, Nikki’s hands gets tied up. She wonders why she is not able to move her hand.

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