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Episode begins with Daakini tells Nikki that human can’t be devil and Malik is powerful devil in this world. Nikki gets shocked hearing this. Daakini says that Malik was king of darkness and he ruled everyone until a princess entered in his life. She adds that Malik fell in love with that princess and his destruction beginned there. Nikki asks Daakini that where Malik is staying. Daakini replies to her that Malik lives in Bhurangarh now and he want Shaitani Rasmein to get completed to get his powers. She adds that Malik will rule everyone again after getting his powers and this world will filled with darkness. Nikki thinks that Bhurangarh Tantrik did not tell her about it. She recalls that how she saw herself in princess attire.

On the other hand, Sumitra tells Vikram that Piyush is missing. She asks what if Piyush really went to help Nikki. Vikram tells her that he is tired of all this and he can’t do anything. They hears a noise and leaves from there. They sees injured Piyush in unconscious state. Pratik and Bhavani singh takes Piyush to a room.

Nikki hope Piyush is fine. Daakini’s assistant shows pricking bed to Nikki and says that it’s the latter’s bed. Nikki gets shocked seeing that and says that it’s good. Daakini’s assistant leaves from there. Nikki lays down on that bed. She winches in pain. She recalls that how Piyush asked her to tell her pain to moon and moon will inform him everything. She asks moon to tell Piyush that she is fine and she loves him more than her life.

Suguna applies medicine on Piyush’s wound. Piyush regains his consciousness. Pratik asks Piyush that who did with this the latter. Piyush says that he has to go to Nikki. Vikram scolds Piyush. Sumitra tells Piyush that she won’t let him go anywhere. Piyush says that Nikki is in danger and he would have went to help Nikki if Chaya did not stop him then. Pratik asks Piyush that whether Chaya did all this with the latter. Sumitra says that Piyush can’t go anywhere. Piyush tells them that if Nikki don’t return safely then they will need new Suhagaan. He asks them to not stop him and leaves from there.

Nikki notices moon is not visible. She realises that amavasya night beginned. She hears dhol sound and understands marriage started. She says that she don’t have Chaya’s tears and how she is going to  get Daakini’s heart.

Daakini’s groom strangulates Nikki and it turns out to be her dream. Daakini’s assistant taunts Nikki for being weak. She laughs. Nikki wonders what’s happening with her. She thinks that she lost her chance if Daakini’s marriage happened yesterday then.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chaya asks Gehlots who complained about her to Malik. Saudamini hears this. Daakini warns Nikki about upcoming dangers.

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