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The episode begins with Nikki notices that one flower makes Daakini intoxicated. She gets an idea. And she plug a flower from the tree by tricking creatures. Then she mixes it in the drink. She sees Daakini’s assistant picked another bowl to drink. And she hope Daakini’s assistant picks her bowl. Paldevi hears this.

On the other hand, Chaya tries to remove the blanket. Sumitra stops Chaya and pleads her to not disturb Piyush’s sleep. She says that Piyush has many wounds so he is taking rest. She promises to bring Piyush to Chaya once he wakes up. She asks Chaya to show little sympathy for Piyush.

Chaya says that she is daayan and she don’t sympathize anyone but she has sympathy for Piyush. She tells Sumitra that let Piyush sleep because she is going to snatch his heart later. She laughs and leaves from there. Sumitra cries. She says that she feels like she can’t see Piyush and Nikki again. Vikram asks her to not say like that.

Daakini’s assistant drinks spiked drink. She feels dizzy and faints. Nikki gets happy seeing this. Daakini says that she need 7 people to perform the rituals but one of them fainted. She asks who will perform the ritual now.

Nikki tells Daakini that she can perform the ritual. She says that she know she is weak but she has Daakini’s blessings and she can do anything for Daakini. Daakini gives permission to Nikki to attend the marriage. She says that Nikki will die if Nikki got scared then and she can’t do anything to save Nikki. She tells Nikki to get ready and join them. Nikki thinks that the time has been arrived but she don’t have Chaya’s tears. She wonders where is Daakini’s heart. Meanwhile, Piyush falls down and loses his consciousness.

Nikki gets ready like Daakini’s assistant. She thinks that today is Amavasya night and she has to leave from there with Daakini’s heart. She murmurs that she may not get Daakini’s heart today. She wonders she should steal Daakin’s heart or Daakini’s heart. She hope Piyush is safe and she believes that she will meet Piyush again. Piyush regains his consciousness. He sees big tree and stares it. Then he hears noise and runs from there.

Daakini gets ready for her marriage. Daakini’s assistants plays dhol. Daakini dances. Nikki asks God tto help her to find whose heart she should steal. Daakini chants mantras. Daakini’s assistant warns Nikki to not get scared else the latter will die. Nikki nods at her. She hears a noise and looks around. Daakini’s assistant tells Nikki to look at the floor. Daakini falls sleep. Daakini’s assistant performs the rituals. She signals creatures. Nikki sees everything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nikki gets shocked seeing Daakin coming out of Daakini’s body.

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Shaitani Rasmein 4th April 2024 Written Update: Nikki learns about Daakin’s existence