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The episode begins with Daakin comes out of Daakini’s body. Nikki and others gets shocked seeing this. Nikki pretends like she is not scared. Daakin sees them. Nikki asks Daakini’s assistant that whether Daakini died. Daakini’s assistant tells Nikki to keep quiet. Nikki thinks that both Daakin and Daakini are different person. She says that quote also said Daayan’s tears can kill Daakin which means she has to kill Daakin, not Daakini. She asks herself whose heart she should steal.

Daakini’s assistant says that there is no heart in Daakin’s body right now. She adds that after getting heart Daakin will return to Daakini’s body and Daakini will become alive. Nikki recalls that how Chaya told her to attend Daakini’s marriage and bring heart. She asks Daakini’s assistant that where is Daakin’s heart. Daakini’s assistant remains silent.

Daakin laughs. She calls the dead body of the man. That man walks towards Daakin. Nikki recalls that how he strangulated her. She thinks that something big is going to happen. Daakin asks heart from that man. That man takes his heart out of his body.

Nikki sees this. She understands that Daakin wants dead body of man’s heart so she should steal this heart. She says that she has to kill Daakin but she can’t do that without Chaya’s tears. She recalls that how¬† she dropped Chaya’s tears bottle while escaping from fire. She thinks that marriage will get completed once Daakin gets heart from dead body of the man so she has to do something before that. On the other hand, Piyush runs to save his life.

Dead body of the man gives his heart to Daakin and loses his consciousness. Daakin tries to eat the heart. Nikki thinks that she can’t do anything if Daakin ate heart then. She runs to Daakin and snatches the heart from Daakin and runs from there. Daakin gets angry seeing this. Daakini’s assistants runs from there.

Daakin attacks Nikki. Piyush comes there and attacks Daakin. Nikki gets relieved seeing Piyush. Piyush goes to Nikki and hugs her. They runs from there. They gets shocked seeing Daakin in front of them. Daakin attacks Piyush and then she strangulates Nikki. Piyush beat Daakin up. Daakin strangulates both Piyush and Nikki.

Nikki sees Chaya’s tears bottle. Daakini’s assistant comes there and she helps Nikki to get Chaya’s tears bottle. Nikki pours Chaya’s tears on Daakin. Daakin gets burnt and vanishes. All the Daakini’s assistants comes there. Piyush hugs Nikki. Daakini’s assistants says that Nikki betrayed them and Daakini can’t return alive now because of Nikki. Piyush, Nikki and Daakini’s assistant escapes from there.

Malik tells Chaya that Nikki did it. Chaya gets shocked that Nikki got Daakin’s heart and Nikki is alive. He tells her that he knew that Nikki can do that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chaya appreciates Nikki. She says that Nikki has to reach Bhurangarh before amavasya night gets over.

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