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In the Star Bharat show Shaitani Rasmein, Daakini will tell Nikki about Malik and Shaitani Rasmein without knowing it’s Nikki who is performing Shaitani Rasmein. Will Daakini learn the complete truth? To learn more check out below.

In the current episode, Chaya decides to kill Piyush who is unconscious but Malik stops her. Malik threatens to send Chaya to desert again. He says that he want Piyush alive until Nikki returns.

Other side, Nikki cut her flesh and gives it to Daakini. Daakini eats Nikki’s flesh and says that Nikki’s story is true. Nikki thinks that she told the half story. Daakini’s assistant treats Nikki’s injury on Daakini’s behest. They performs a ritual. Daakini announces that Nikki is her assistant from today. Nikki thinks that it’s her first win. Daakini slaps Nikki and warns her to never betray.

Daakini goes to get ready as bride. Daakini’s assistant gives dead body of a man to Nikki and tells her to use it. She takes Nikki for Daakini’s haldi ritual. Nikki applies blood on Daakini. Daakini says that Nikki is lucky to touch Daakini easily. She reveals about her past and revenge. Nikki says that her enemy is really powerful like devil. Daakini says that most powerful devil is Malik.

In the upcoming episode, Daakini will tell Nikki that how Malik will get powers after Shaitani Rasmein gets completed. One man will strangulate Nikki. Gehlots will find injured Piyush

Will Nikki tell to Daakini she know Malik?

How Nikki will get Daakini’s heart?

Where is Daakin?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Shaitani Rasmein, stay tuned to this space.