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In the Star Bharat show Shaitani Rasmein, Nikki will face Daakin not Daakini. So how Nikki will handle this new challenge? To learn more check out below.

In the current episode, Chaya gets ready and she sees her face in the satya darpan. She gets shocked after seeing her real face and screams. She leaves the palace. Piyush follows her. Chaya tells herself that that’s impossible and cries and her tears falls on the leaf. She leaves from there. Piyush takes that leaf. He gives Chaya’s tear drops to Nikki. He says that even death can’t separate them. He asks her to not get scared because he will be with her always. She tells him that they rarely gets happiness. He tells her that he trust they will win this difficult situation. She tells him that she trust his trust and hugs him.

Piyush tries to leave the palace in his bike without anyone knowledge but he flies. Chaya tells him that he can’t fool her and laughs.

Nikki tells bye to everyone. She says that their blessings and prayers will save her. Sumitra tells Nikki to get succeed at any cost. Nikki assures Sumitra that she won’t let anything happen to Piyush until she is alive. Bhavani singh and Pratik drops Nikki in Daakini’s place.

In the upcoming episode, Paldevi will say that Nikki is going to face Daakin, not Daakini. Vikram will wonder whether Piyush went to help Nikki.

Will Vikram learn about Piyush?

Will Nikki meet Daakini?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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