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In the Star Bharat show Shaitani Rasmein, Sumitra will fear about Nikki and Piyush’s life. Will her fear become true? To learn more check out below.

In the current episode, Daakini’s assistant tells Nikki that the latter can’t attend Daakini’s marriage because Nikki is weak. Nikki asks Daakini to allow her to attend the marriage. Daakini says that she can understand Nikki want to take revenge as soon as possible but Nikki is not ready yet. She adds that Nikki can attend her marriage in next amavasya.

Nikki thinks that she can’t wait for next amavasya. Daakini says that Nikki will get many chances in the future and if Nikki failed then they have to accept Nikki don’t belong there. Nikki thinks that she has to attend the marriage to get Daakini’s heart.

Other side, Chaya asks Gehlots who complained about her to Malik. Gehlots tells her that they are innocent. But she refuses to believe them. Saudamini tells Chaya that she will find the culprit. She decides to put the blame on someone else. Chaya asks them about Piyush.

Sumitra lies that Piyush is taking rest in his room. Chaya takes them to Piyush room to confirm it. She is about to remove the blanket but Sumitra stops the former.

Daakini’s assistant tells Nikki that the latter will die if she failed then. She also reveals that Daakin lives inside Daakini’s body and Daakin will come out of on marriage day.

In the upcoming episode, Sumitra will say that she feels like they can’t see Piyush and Nikki again.

Will Nikki get chance to attend Daakini’s marriage?

Saudamini will put the blame on whom?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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