Colors TV show Shakti Astitva Ke Ahesas Ki viewers will witness a lot of drama. It’s the extraordinary storyline and it’s concept gets the viewers glued to the show. Earlier its seen Heer stops Shyam from beating Virat. Virat gets unconscious and heer shows her love and care for Virat. Though Virat loses the challenge against Shyam due to Angel’s cheating. Heer starts pouring water on her and then turns on the fan. Due to that, she starts shivering. Virat takes Heer’s name continuously. The next day Heer informs Gurwindar about Virat and Virat’s parents reach there to take Virat with them. Shyam warns them that they should stop Virat otherwise he won’t be spared.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will get to see that Heer starts her journey as a kinnar and it will be her first day of collecting nek from people. Virat comes there and Heer starts clapping in front of him and says it’s my first day of going out for collecting the money and you can be the first person from whom I can collect my first nek. Virat gets speechless. Heer dances around people and then when she will try to collect money from people they won’t be impressed with her style. Angel will slap Heer in front of everybody. She says dance like a kinnar else they won’t give you nek. Heer with heavy heart dances like them and the people say that’s how a kinnar collects money from people. They give her money and Heer gets embarrassed. Preeto and others get shocked seeing all this. Virat also gets upset.

Will Virat stop Heer once again? What will Preeto do to bring her back?

What’s waiting for Heer in upcoming episodes? What shades we are going to see in their complicated relationship.

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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