The current on-going track of serial Shakti is focusing on Harman and Saumya’s education. Harman and Saumya is seen going to school for completing their education but soon new twist will change many things amid HAYA.

New twist in the story of serial Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas ki will soon shock its viewers. In coming days Harman and Saumya’s life is going to change forever with Saumya becoming ‘Guruma’of Transgender community.

So far in the episodes, it is seen Harman and Saumya made a plan to help Sindhu to get the love of her life. With Harman and Saumya’s effort Sindhu and Ankush got married and Ankush stayed back to Singh’s house because his Parents didn’t wanted this alliance to happen. Otherside, Saumya’s child got high fever and she was suggested to meet some saint. Harman and Saumya took their child to him and there one person helped the duo. Later, Preeto asked Saumya to bring that person home and make them meet him. Harman and Saumya will bring him to their home and seeing him everyone at Singh house will be shocked. Preeto will shout at Saumya for bringing him at home.

So, who is this person and why Preeto reacted seeing him. Well, from the sources the person is Preeto’s first husband who left her long ago. Seeing him Preeto will lose her mind and will blame Saumya for bringing him back to her life. The promo of the same is out too.

 Promo: Preeto is seen blaming Saumya for bringing her first husband back and because of which she has to live a widow life. Harak and Harman is seen consoling her and otherside Saumya turned Tarana and became Guruma of her Transgender community.

Check out the promo!

Is this the end of Harman and Saumya’s relation or there will be another twist in the tale. Share your views on this in the comment section below and Keep watching serial Shakti from Monday to Friday on Colors TV at 8pm.

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