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Episode starts with Jeet informing Angel that she will meet him near highway as today is Saumya’s last day in this world. Preeto notices him.

Jeet gets into a car where Angel, Daljeet and Daddu were waiting for him. Parmeet tells Virat that she wants to go to Matarani’s temple for Navratri. Parmeet insists Virat to go there also but Virat says he will go after having food. Angel informs her men that they will kill Virat as well because he is alone right now in his house. Angel says Virat has to die so that all evidences get destroyed. Daljeet says if killing Virat is necessary. They can injure him. Angel says Daljeet will also get caught if Virat stays alive. Giving Injury to Virat isn’t enough. Angel says she harmed Virat many times but he always got better and attacked her back. Now she doesn’t want to take risk by letting Virat live.

Virat searches for Heer, he says he is feeling hungry and then he finds her unconscious in her room. Virat gets shocked and calls the doctor. Virat calls Heer and lifts her up. He gets worried for her.

Saumya reaches temple and informs Police to stay alert. Police says they are ready to catch Jeet. Saumya gets to know that phone is not allowed in the temple. She takes the token and enters with Puja thali. Jeet reaches temple with his gang. Angel says how will they kill Saumya in so much gathering. Jeet says he will take advantage of the gathering. Jeet sees Saumya and holds Saumya at gunpoint from a secret place.

Doctor says Heer got high fever. Virat should take care of her. Doctor suggests Virat to give Heer foot massage. Virat introduces himself as Heer’s husband. Doctor says then it’s easy for Virat to take care of his wife. Virat boils water and prepares oil for Heer. Angel’s men enter Virat’s house to kill Virat.

Angel tells Jeet to shoot quickly. Jeet fails doing it again and again. Jeet says temple bell is coming in between. Angel tells him to shoot Heer like filmy heroes. Angel loses patience. Jeet says let me focus also I am not a filmy hero.

Parmeet reaches Matarani temple with Sant. Someone calls Parmeet. Parmeet gets shocked looking at her.

Virat starts giving foot massage to Heer. He recalls how Heer gave him head massage once while he got headache. Virat teases Heer saying he is feeling pain everywhere. Virat asks her why she got so worried seeing his pain. Heer hugs him and says she can’t see him in pain ever. Virat is back to reality and gets emotional looking at unconscious Heer. Heer gains her consciousness. She gets emotional.

Saumya prays to Matarani saying she is here to pray for Heer. She wants to serve her justice and Heer should also get her love Virat back.

The Episode ends.