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The episode starts with Gurminder comes to Heer’s house and everyone is shocked to see her.  Gurminder says she wants say something.  Preeto says she can say anything but make sure this is not about  Heer and Virat.  Gurminder says that Virat sees Heer when he is alone and still has a Heer in his heart.  She asks them to think about it.  Preeto says she does not want to think about it.  Preeto sees her hand wounds and says that she does not want Heer to get wounds and sorrows like her.  So this is where this thing ends. 


Gurminder is about to say something but then Soham stops her.  And asks her to leave the house.  Soham starts insulting her but Heer comes there and stops him.  Gurminder is happy to see this.  She asks Heer to give Virat another chance.  But Heer refuses.  Heer offers her tea but Gurminder says she will drink the tea made by her hand when she makes it in her in-laws’ house. Then Gurminder leaves from there.


 Further, Gurminder goes to Virat .  She tells him that the mistake is his and due to this, Heer is very angry and he should go and convince Heer.  Virat says he will never do this.  And goes from there.  Gurminder is stunned and then Jharana comes there and taunts her for this.  Gurminder starts going from there but Jharana stops her and starts yelling at her.  Gurminder leaves without answering her words. 


In college, Virat and Heer are busy with their work.  That’s when college students plan to bring them closer and ask them to fold a cloth.  This causes Heer and Virat to become closer and the two share some romantic moments.  Everyone gets happy seeing them.  But then Virat leaves  from there in anger. 


Shano, on the other hand, is happy to think that Soham is trying to find old secrets.  And when he finds out that his sister is a eunuch, he will evict her from the house.  At the same time, Soham is searching for Soumya’s father, he asks a man about his address but he says he does not know.


  In college, a boy brings burgers for everyone.  Heer goes to wash her hands while Virat puts chili sauce on her burger.  Heer sees this.  And she scolds Virat.  Virat says What evidence she has.  Heer says she saw him doing this with her own eyes.  The two start quarreling again.  To stop the clash, a student says that he has an extra burger so she can eat that.  But then Jharana comes there and says this burger is hers and picks up the burger and starts eating it.  This make Heer sad.  Virat says that this burger is not in her destiny.  Heer says that she will happily take what she gets and she picks up the chili burger and starts eating.  Due to which her mouth starts burning.  A boy gets angry on seeing this and he hits Virat’s face.  Virat also gets angry and a fight starts between the two and everyone else stops them.  Jharana says why he is sad for Heer? And if he likes her then he should propose her directly.  Everyone is surprised to hear this.  With this, the episode ends.