Today’s episode opens with Saumya coming to the Singh house and gets shocked seeing Police taking Harman with them. She asks why Police is arresting Harman. Preeto stops Saumya and accuses her. Harak and Preeto go behind the police. Saumya too runs. Lawyer tells them that some company claimed on Singh’s company for copying their design and selling the product. Saumya comes and hears lawyer saying only Vedant Bansal can save him by paying 10cr. She gets shocked.

Preeto says to Saumya that she has done this intentionally with the help of Vedant. Harman too accuse her. Harman shouts and says Vedant trapped him in false case. Police beats Harman Saumya gets tensed. Preeto asked Harak to help Harman.

Vedant thanks someone on the call and invites the person for his marriage. Vedant thinks of a plan to marry Saumya. Saumya comes running to Vedant and asks him to come with her to give the statement for Harman.

Vedant asks her why she is restless for Harman. Saumya says he is her husband. The duo argues. Harman says Vedant trapped him now he will not leave him. Preeto gets someone’s call. Kareena tells Preeto about Saumya that she has resigned from the post.

Harak comes and says to Vedant to help Harman. He says to Mr. Bansal to ask Vedant to come with him. Harak accuses Saumya and says Vedant loves you thus he has trapped Harman.

Saumya says to Harak that she didn’t know anything about it. Mr. Bansal and Vedant says they can’t help them and goes. Harak too leaves. Saumya goes behind Harak and ask him to listen to her. Harak accuses Saumya and says she destroyed everything. He breaks all the ties with Saumya.

Harman says why Saumya betrayed him and destroyed everything. Preeto gets teary hearing him.

Mr. Bansal comes to talk with Vedant. He asks why he has done this. Vedant says because he loves Saumya. Saumya pleads with Mr. Bansal to make Vedant understand to give the statement for Harman. Mr. Bansal says she is wrong and goes.

Saumya gets furious on Vedant and says after Harman gets bail then she will send him behind the bars for trapping Harman. Saumya goes. Vedant thinks Saumya can do whatever she wants but lastly she has to come back to him for taking help from him.

Mallika and Chameli come to meet Harman. Preeto stops them. She asks them to go back. Mallika says she just wants to meet Harman. Harman says he don’t want to meet them. Mallika says Saumya loves him a lot. Preeto says but now Harman don’t love Suamya nor does he want to meet her. Preeto pushes Mallika. Harak comes and says don’t mess with them as they have already destroyed everything. He asks them to go away. Harman asks Harak and Preeto to leave him alone too.

Lawyer discusses Harman’s case with Harak and his family. Lawyer tells two ways to Harak. He says either they can pay the amount claimed by the company or if the company takes back the case than only Harman can come out from the jail. Harak asks Veeran to check the bank accounts.

Mallika asks Saumya not to go police station to meet Harman. Saumya says out of anger she took extreme step but now she wants to make everything fine. She gets upset thinking will she be able to convince Harman this time or not.

Preeto comes to meet Vedant. Vedant says he has done whatever she has asked him to do. Preeto says but why he trapped Harman. Vedant says to her Harman will be out from jail soon. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vedant says to Saumya that he can help Harman to come out from jail but in return she has to marry him. Saumya gets shocked.