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Preeto tells Virat they have to be more careful, Heer is a person who will bear and fight all the troubles his mother will cause.

Heer feels these troubles are in her fate because of Preeto conditions. Bhabhi calls Virat and asks him to come home quick. He leaves tensely. He sees blood foot prints and goes to their room, Heer is removing glass pieces from her leg. Virat does first aid to her injuries. Heer says him agreeing to Preeto conditions hurt her more than these injuries.

Virat asks her to stay quiet and goes down angrily. He stares angrily at his mother, she says few things are between saas-bahu, he shouldn’t interfere. He holds glass tightly and breaks it causing injury to his hand, blood flows out. Heer limps towards room and takes first aid box. Family members get shocked, Virat says few things are between husband, wife, about their feelings, they shouldn’t interfere.

Baksh asks if he has gone mad. Virat says it hurts a lot when glass pierces our skin, if they don’t want to treat Heer as daughter its fine, at least treat her as human. If Heer blood flows out, his blood also will. Heer comes down limping and dresses Virat’s wound. He says he loves Heer more than the love she has for him.

He stops Parmeet from coming close to him, Heer says he shouldn’t behave like this with his mother and they sit down to do first aid. Parmeet touches Heer blood and smirks. She thinks she has to increase tortures on Heer, she will make Preeto fall on knees and apologize.


Preeto is tensed what happened to Heer, why Virat didn’t call yet. Door bell rings and Preeto opens the door to see Parmeet. Parmeet shows red color to Preeto and says this is Heer’s blood. Preeto is enraged, Rohan  tries to calm down Preeto, she says they killed Heer. Parmeet says there’s no need to go that far, Heer just walked on glass pieces. Rohan shouts why they did so, Parmeet asks if he didn’t love anyone, lovers have to give many tests.

 She tells Preeto to bend on knees and apologize to them in front of everyone. Then she will treat Heer as daughter, she will give Heer Sasural which every girl dreams of. Preeto warns her if anything happened to Heer, she won’t leave them, she knows how to keep enemity. Parmeet leaves. Preeto shouts this is why she didn’t want to marry off Heer, but they all supported marriage.


Simran talks to her boyfriend on phone, she will meet him next only when he comes to their house and tells about their love. She cuts the call saying anyone will doubt seeing her here. Heer sees Simran and says she knows Simran was talking to her boyfriend, she understood it when after talking on phone she made excuse of going out for market but when she returned, she didn’t have shopping bags. Simran asks her not to interfere in her life.