Today’s episode opens with Veeran telling Harak that they can’t afford the amount claimed by the other company. Preeto asks Harak to borrow money from other person. Harak says he won’t ask money from others.

Raavi calls and says to Saumya that Harak is helpless to arrange the money. Harman self-talk to himself and says why Saumya cheated him. Constable asks him to stop repeating the same thing continuously. Some men inside the jail say to Harman why he is so crazy about a kinner. Harman fights with them for talking ill about Saumya. Constables comes and calms Harman down.

Vedant comes to Saumya and says he can help her on one condition. Saumya says she is ready to do whatever he says. Vedant asks Saumya to marry him if she wants to see Harman out from prison. Saumya gets stunned hearing him. Saumya says she only loves Harman and they both can’t stay away from each other. She says Vedant in return she can give her life. Vedant tells her she has few time left to decide. He says he will wait for her reply. Vedant goes.

Mallika ask Saumya did she meet Harman. Harak and his family come to meet Saumya. Harak and everyone plead Saumya to talk to Bansal’s and do whatever is possible for Harman’s sake, as they are helpless now. Preeto gets happy thinking she finally succeeded in separating Harman and Saumya.

Saumya cries and recalls the past. She misses her moments with Harman. Harman too misses Saumya and thinks of his moments with Saumya.

Vedant waits for Saumya to come. Saumya comes with Soham at Bansal’s house. He gets happy seeing her. Saumya asks Vedant to now set Harman free from the prison.

Lawyer comes to Singh’s house and tells them the company pulls off their case. Everyone gets happy. Preeto gives all the credit to herself for the mess and wickedly smile thinking now Harman won’t run behind Saumya anymore because she is now Vedant’s wife.

Chameli and Mallika worry for Saumya. Harman gets the bail. Harak asks Harman to come. Harman says he will first go meet Saumya at Vedant’s house.

Furious Harman comes to Bansal house and calls for Vedant. Mr. Bansal says he is not at home. Mallika asks for Saumya. Harman says he will go after meeting them. Vedant and Saumya come back after marrying to each other. Harman and Mr. bansal gets stunned looking at them. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Saumya stops Harman for saying anything to Vedant. Harman says to Harak lets bless the newlyweds so that they can live a happy life. Saumya says to Harman to come to meet even Soham. Harman takes Soham’s promise and says he will never come to meet him. Saumya gets shocked.