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Virat puts Heer on bed and both stare at each other lovingly, Heer falls on Virat hand and apologizes for hurting. He says its okay and kisses her forehead and bids bye. Heer asks him to sleep with her today. He denies and leaves. Heer comes to door and cries about being incomplete daughter to Soumya, incomplete bahu to this house and incomplete wife to him. Virat hears it from outside and apologizes to her.

Next day morning, Heer wakes up early and sees flowers on the way out, she smiles and walks on them and comes down. Bhabhi praises Virat. Parmeet taunts Virat for never doing these for his sister but he is so happy seeing his wife walking on flowers. Heer moves to the floor and says she won’t step on flowers again. Virat asks her not to mind his mother’s words, she wants to trouble her. Preeto comes and taunts Parmeet for not allowing bahu to walk on flowers when her leg is injured. Heer asks Preeto why did she come, Preeto says she came for Pagphere ritual, to take Virat, Heer along with her. Parmeet taunts she always tries to take away Virat, Heer to her home.

A lady comes and taunts Preeto that rituals are done according to Sasural, she taunts Preeto of not knowing any rituals, she made a kinnar raise her grand daughter instead of her mother. She didn’t even know that kinnar bahu has to be sent out, shouldn’t be given place in house. Heer asks the lady who is she, how can she talk anything about her Gulabo, lady asks who is she and sees Heer sindoor and shockingly asks if she is also kinnar.

Everyone get shocked and Heer scolds the lady, Virat tells Heer the lady is his bua, his father’s elder sister. Everyone take blessings from her. Heer apologizes to her and bends down to take blessings, but the lady doesn’t bless and says they didn’t wait for her to come to marriage, it was lockdown and they hurried with marriage. Simran says Virat jumped in well, so they had to get him married. Bua asks why he did so, he says Heer is very special, Bua asks what about her family, she enquired her family history before coming here.

Preeto asks her to stop badmouthing their family, she also knows her family history, in this age, instead of sitting in house, she comes here every 3 months, her son is in jail. Bua gets angry and holds Preeto hand to send her out of house, Heer holds Preeto’s other hand and stops her. Bua scolds Heer and pulls Preeto out of the house. Bua tells Heer that bahus stay in limits in this house, she can go out if she can’t stay like that. Preeto tells her to come home, if she wants to stay with such people.

Heer says this is her sasural and she will stay here only. Preeto leaves. Bua appreciates Heer of being good bahu as she stood by her Sasural and gives her muh dikhayi gift. She asks for her and Virat’s child, she says Parmeet her first bahu couldn’t do anything, now all expectations on 2nd bahu. Parmeet says they had half pheras, half marriage, so what to talk about kids. Virat stops his mother from revealing everything.

Preeto is walking sadly, she imagines Heer as kinnar asking Preeto why she didn’t reveal her identity truth, she faints.