Today’s episode opens with Harman seeing Saumya and Vedant in wedding attire. He recalls his wedding moments with Saumya. He goes to hit Vedant Saumya stops him. Saumya says he can’t hit Vedant as he is her husband now. Harman asks her to stop this nonsense. Vedant says they marries each other and now they are man and wife. Harman taunts Saumya and ask him now who is him to her. He yells at Saumya. Vedant asks Harman to move on in his life. Harak and Preeto too come at Vedant’s house.

Harak asks Harman to come along with him. Mallika ask Saumya why she is silent. Vedant and Preeto smiles looking at each other. Mr. Bansal says to Mallika to be happy, as his son has married a Trans-gender like her. Harman says to Harak to give blessings to the newlyweds so that they can live a happy life. Saumya ask Harman not to come even to meet Soham. Harman takes Soham’s promise and says he will never come back to meet him. Harman ask if she is happy. Saumya smiles and says she is happy now. He claps and gives blessing to Saumya.

Saumya recalls her flashback with Harman. Saumya thinks why Harman can’t read her fake anger like before. She thinks it’s all her mistake and she can’t blame Harman for it. Harak holds Harman’s hand and takes him away. He recalls his moments with Saumya while leaving. He gets teary.

Saumya runs to her room. Preeto and Harman comes back home. Harman destroys the stuffs of his home in anger. Everyone gets shocked. Preeto asks Harman to calm down. Harman says he want to erase all the memories of Saumya. Harman regrets for loving Saumya unconditionally and shouts loudly. Blood oozes out from his hand. Raavi and Sindhu gets tensed. Harman says he is tired of running behind Saumya and goes to his room.

Otherside, Saumya cries recalling Harman’s word. She sees her soul in the mirror. The mirror Saumya curses the Saumya like Harman. Saumya says she is still Harman’s wife only. She thinks of a flashback. Saumya talks with Vedant and says she needs a time to forget Harman. Vedant gives her the time and says but for time being she has to spend time with him like a wife. Saumya takes out her wedding jewelry and says all are thinking her marriage with Vedant is true but it’s not. It’s a fake marriage. Harman misses Saumya. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Harman asks Preeto to call priest, as he wants to do funeral ceremony of Saumya. Harman burns Saumya’s stuff.  Other side, Saumya’s saree catches the fire in the temple.