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Bua says there must be some secret reason behind Preeto doings, she will find it out, Heer agrees with Bua, she also wants to know why Preeto did like that, Virat tells Heer to understand Preeto’s concern for her.

 Baksh and Daljeet come and greet Bua, Parmeet tells her to rest, she must be tired after journey, Bua says yes, she will go to her room, she tells Heer to make dinner tonight, she will see her skills. Bhabhi tells Heer they have to be very careful about cooking, salt and spice should be in perfect proportion. They proceed towards kitchen, Virat pulls aside Heer, they have a romantic moment, Heer asks him to leave her as Di will see, Gurwinder teases them and praises their Jodi, they are so different and one in lakhs.


Doctor is treating Preeto at home, she fainted due to stress, Preeto remembers Bua asking Heer if she is kinnar and shouts waking up suddenly, she panics and says Heer needs her help, she is alone. Harak calms her down and makes her sleep. Mahi tells everyone to go, she will take care of Preeto.


Heer and Gurwinder cut vegetables, Heer calls Mahi, Mahi sees Preeto sleeping and comes outside to talk, she asks Heer if everything is fine there, Heer says yes she is in hurry and asks for Matar Paneer recipe, Mahi says its simple and narrates recipe. Preeto wakes up and sees Mahi talking to Heer, she calls Virat and says if food is very tasty, Heer may become beti from bahu in one day.


Virat adds chilli powder in all dishes, he hides in kitchen seeing Heer come there. Bua  shouts in hall when will the food be served, she is hungry, Heer says just few minutes. Everyone sit on dining table, Bua says everytime she comes, there’s a new dining table, in their house it same old 2 chairs and small table with steel plates. Baksh tells her not to worry, he will send her new dining table.

Parmeet doesn’t like it and says he will send but his sister won’t take as she has lot of self respect. Bua understands her intentions and says she can’t deny if her brother sends it with love. Baksh says his sister raised him after his father passed away, he will give even his life for her. Gurwinder and Heer bring dishes, Heer limps and about to fall down, Virat holds her, she thanks him for saving, otherwise curries would have fallen down.

They serve roti and curries, bua eats it and throws the plate down, she shouts and drinks a lot of water unable to bear the spice, she panics saying she will die, Gurwinder gives her sweets. Heer apologizes and asks for another chance, she will cook again in 30 minutes.

 Bua scolds her and says she will go and eat in neighborhood, Baksh tries to stop her as it will ruin their image, but she calls a lady and says she came to her brother’s house but bahu made such bad food that she can’t eat and goes out. Baksh scolds Heer and tells Virat to order food from restaurant. Parmeet says Heer ruined 8 people food, so she has to put 8 spoons of chilli powder in water and drink as a punishment, Virat remembers Heer can’t eat spicy food and snatches the water jar and drinks himself.