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Virat is struggling after drinking chilli powder water, Heer brings honey to him, but he doesn’t take it, he asks her to stop trying to become daughter of this house, he can’t see her in pain. Heer says she waited a lot for future, tomorrow, her father Harman and Gulabo never came back, from childhood whenever she wished for small things, Preeto delayed it saying tomorrow, whenever she got strange questions, she asked Rohan and Soham, they also delayed saying tomorrow, Soham left before their marriage saying he will come tomorrow but didn’t. She asks him to fulfill Preeto’s conditions and make her his wife. He feels emotional but goes away without answering. Heer wonders if he is hiding anything from her.

Bua thinks Pammi made tasty food and her stomach is full now, she comes home and sees everyone eating, she feels they are eating peacefully not caring if she ate or died. She takes a stone and hits on Baksh name plate outside. They hear sound and come out to see what’s happening, Baksh stops his sister from breaking his name plate.

She says she will break it before people spit on his name. She went to neighbor houses, no one fed her, they insulted her as our bahu Heer is raised by kinnar. Pammi fed roti to dog in front of her but not her. She blames Heer for everything, Baksh tells Heer to apologize to Bua, Heer says she didn’t do any mistake but she apologizes and leaves. They all sit on sofa, Heer brings thali and feeds Bua, she says Gulabo gave her very good sanskaar that she will proudly say she is raised by kinnar.

Later, Heer gives tablet to bua, bua asks what’s it, Heer says she ate twice, so she has to take acidity tablet. Bua is shocked, Heer says she also kept soap to wash clothes in her room and shows food stain on her suit. Bua gets angry and thinks to take revenge, find everything about Heer.

Next day morning, Heer is cleaning the house, Virat says new bahu shouldn’t do all these, Heer says daughter can do. Virat asks her to stop these games. Both have romantic moments and Virat stops. Parmeet sees it and thinks Virat loves Heer a lot, why is he going away from this relation. She has to find the reason.

Bua goes to kinnar place and offers money to Malika, she asks about Heer and Gulabo but Malika doesn’t take money and says they got very loving and caring bahu, they should be happy and doesn’t answer anything. Bua leaves angrily. Shanoo meets her outside and introduces herself as Heer’s cousin grandmother. Shanoo says kinnar named Kareena can answer to her questions and gives Kareena photo and address.