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The episode starts with Heer’s family and Virat’s family perform Durga Maa’s Aarti so that the clouds of crisis hovering over them can subside.  Heer is performing puja with an instrument and her hands get hurt while playing the instrument.


There Parmeet is unable to control himself and she is unable to manage her tears. Sant handles her and calm her down. Harak and Preeto get anxious to see the blood flowing from Heer’s hands and try to stop her but Heer is so engrossed in prayer that Harak and Preeto’s words do not reach into Heer’s ears.


In the end, Heer’s prayer works and Virat returns. When Preeto and the others see Virat present in their house, they tell Heer that her Virat has arrived. Heer embraces Virat. Preeto remembers Virat’s words that history will not be repeated again and he will come back and if he comes back she will have to give Heer’s hand in his hand.


Heer beats Virat and asks him how he even tried to jump from the abyss, did he not know that she would break without him. Virat replies that he knew he will return for Heer only. He forbids her to beat him because his injuries are hurting. She says she will not stop until Virat says that he will not take any such decision from now on. Virat promises that he will not do it again.


Heer seats him on the couch and medicates his injuries. Virat notices an injury on Heer’s hands and he also applies for medicines on her hands. Virat asks Preeto if now they can get married. He says that she just needs to get the wedding date out while he will take care of his parents.

Preeto is still not convinced by their marriage. Virat says that he has jumped from the abyss to prove his love, yet she has objected.


Preeto says that even if he brings his pieces and presents it to her, she will still refuse their marriage because she knows what is right and wrong for Heer. Heer does not agree with Preeto’s decision and insists on marrying Virat. Soham asks Heer that she should not go against Preeto because this is for her well being only. Virat explains Heer’s well being in this marriage.


Ahead,  Preeto forcibly takes Heer’s hand and takes her with her. Virat promises that he will one day marry Heer in front of her eyes and take her from here. Rohan tells Virat that his parents are worried about him so he should go to his house. Virat denies it because his parents drove him out of the house and assumed him that he is dead for him. Rohan says that parents can be angry with their children but can never stop loving and caring for their children and so Virat should go and meet them once so that their anxiety is lessened. Virat agrees with Rohan.


Simran tells Parmeet to walk inside the house but Parmeet insists that she will not go until Virat comes. When Virat comes there, Parmeet feels relieved to see him and hugs him and says that if he wants to marry Heer, she has no objection but never risks his life again.

Virat tells Parmeet that he will never do it again. Sant slaps Virat. He tells him to stop his childish antics and says that he too gives his approval for Heer and his marriage. Virat hugs the Sant. He thinks that no one can stop Heer from becoming the daughter-in-law of this house. Episode end.