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Episode starts with Virat asks Heer if he can call her Gulabo for the last time, to which Heer agrees.  Virat then asks if we won’t be able to meet after this, Heer nods her head and answers yes.  Virat then tells her to dance one last time with him.  The two dance together and Heer remembers the old memories she spent with Virat.  Later the two hug each other for the last time and Heer leaves from there.  Meanwhile, Soumya is watching them from behind the tree.


On the other hand, Shano is angry because her game gets spoiled due to Saumya.  The same time Harak is worried about Heer as she has not returned yet.


Virat is thinking that Soumya loves Heer so much, then why did she create so much difficulties for Heer. And he decides to meet her. At the same time, Virat’s sister-in-law comes to him and encourages him and says that he should talk to Heer.  After listening to his sister-in-law, Virat sets out to find Heer.  He meets Heer in the middle way and he tells her to come with him.  At first Heer refuses but then Virat tells her that he also wants to meet Soumya and wants to know that why she is doing this. And why she stood against their marriage?  Heer agrees and then both go to Nuttan’s house.


Heer reaches Nuttan’s house and asks about her from the other transgenders but they say that they did not see her.  Heer returns unhappily to Virat and tells him that Nuttan is not here.  While  sameone calls Malika and informs that Heer and Virat are searching for Soumya.  Malika is shocked and tells Soumya to leave quickly.


Ahead, Virat and Heer find Soumya’s house after so many efforts.  But Soumya is already leaves from there.  She also leaves a letter for Heer, in which she tells Heer not to search for her.  Virat says to Heer that he knows where Soumya has gone and they then comes to Malika’s house.


Episode ends with Heer finds Soumya at Malika’s house.