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The episode starts with Virat asks Preeto and Harak to open the door. But nobody opens the door for him. Heer goes to the door and shares with Virat that she can’t wait any longer and wishes that all the doors between them open soon. Virat encourages Heer, saying that she should not be upset as he will soon open the door of her house and the hearts of her family through his efforts. Virat goes from there. Heer sits near the door.

Preeto feels irritated seeing this and she angrily tells Heer that if she really wants to do this kind of drama then go ahead but she will still not open the door. Preeto orders everyone to go to their rooms. To which Mahi does not agree with and she tells Preeto that she wants to sit down with Heer and share a few moments. Preeto says yes, she please talk after all  her love for her daughter is awakened after 20 years and she leaves. Mahi hugs the unhappy Heer.


After some time Virat comes with a mic and he shouts loudly and forces the Gurdaspur people to come out from their house. Everyone thinks that now what Virat is going to do and one of them asks Virat what he wants now. Virat tells him that Harak and Preeto are angry with him and are not allowing him to enter the house so he will keep the fast now and he will not open the fast until Preeto gives him water. Heer is shocked to hear this.

Harak, Preeto and others also have been watching Virat’s play. Preeto calls Parmeet to complain about Virat. But when she sees Parmeet is taking the side of Virat, she is shocked. Harak ask Parmeet to handover the phone to Sant. Parmeet gives phone to Sant. Sant greets Harak and asks what he wants to talk.

Harak tells him that he wants to write a Complain against Virat. Sant suggests that he get it written in a nearby police station and disconnects the phone. Sant is angry on Harak’s rude behavior and he ask what is his problem that he is keep denying the rishta thing again and again and Virat also found the same girl in the world whose grandparents are so stubborn. Parmeet pacifies Sant.


Virat pretends as if he has become unconscious due to hunger and thirst. When the neighbors see this, they get worried and urge Harak and Preeto to open the door. In the end, Preeto has to give up her stubbornness and open the door for Virat. Preeto tells Virat that she will not fall in his tarp and will not say yes for marriage.

Virat says that no matter how much she despises him, he will not give up because there are two people in this house who always support him and give him  much courage and they are Haram and Soumya. Preeto breaks down on hearing Harman’s name. Harak asks Virat not to say such things about his son. Parmeet comes. She goes to Virat and congratulates him for his first victory and takes him with her.


Outside Harak’s house, Virat finds Sant. He tells him that his idea of kidnapping was right that they should do it. Sant is happy to hear this and ask about his further plan. Virat says that he need to kidnap Harak for him. Further the police take Harak to Virat. Virat asks Harak to share Harman’s things while drinking alcohol.