Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 16th August 2019 Written Update: Harman fights with Vedant’s goons for Saumya

Today’s episode starts with Harman stuck at the road. He runs without the car to reach Saumya.

Mallika and Mr. Bansal too search for Saumya and Vedant. Vedant and Saumya marriage starts.

Chameli reaches the same temple and sees Vedant’s goons. She calls Harman and informs him about the location. Harman runs again.

Vedant forcibly completes wedding rituals with Saumya. Chameli calls and informs Mallika too about the temple. Saumya pleads Vedant to leave her. She calls out for Harman loudly. Harman runs towards the temple. Vedant says no one will come here.

Priests ask Saumya and Vedant to exchange the garland.

Harman reaches the temple and Vedant’s goons beat him up. Harman fights back with them. Chameli sees Harman from far.

Vedant goons beat Harman and set a fire around him. Saumya cries and Vedant forces her to put garland to him. Vedant ask Priest to read wedding mantras.

Harman sees the fire and panics. Priest asks Vedant and Saumya to stand up for wedding rounds. Saumya calls Harman’s name. Harman hears her and shouts back. He says to Vedant that he will not leave him alive.

Vedant takes the wedding rounds with Saumya. Saumya continues calling Harman’s name. Priest asks Vedant to fill Saumya’s hairline with sindoor. Harman jumps out from fire and beats the goons.

Vedant ask priest to give mangalsutra first. Harman comes from behind and holds Vedant’s hand. He angrily looks at him. Harman takes mangalsutra from Vedant’s hand and beats him.

Saumya gets teary seeing Harman. Harman puts mangalsutra and sindoor to Saumya and marries her. Harman says that Saumya belongs only to him.

Saumya about to hug Harman but Vedant stops them. Vedant beats Harman. Harman and Vedant fights with each other. Vedant’s goons beat Chameli too.

Harman drags Vedant out from the temple and beats him up. Saumya runs behind them. Harman and Saumya fights continue. Saumya ask Harman not to beat Vedant.

Harman says to Vedant that Saumya only belongs to Harman and will always belong to him only. Harman takes stone and about to throw it on Vedant but Saumya stops Harman from doing the crime.

Saumya takes away Harman and ask him to sit. She wipes his sweat. Harman holds Saumya’s hand and kiss her hand. The duo gets emotional. Harman asks Saumya to come with him back to home. Saumya says she will bring water for him. Harman says he don’t need anything just want her.

Saumya says to Harman that she will always be with him only. She goes to bring water.

Mallika and Singh family arrives at the temple and calls for Harman. Mallika sees Chameli and wakes her up. She asks Chameli about Harman and Saumya. Chameli tells them they headed towards the cliff.

Saumya brings the water and Vedant puts her on gunpoint. Saumya drops the glass.

Vedant says to Saumya that he has sworn on his mother that he will not let HAYA to unite this time. He says he will kill her which is the only way to keep his words.

Saumya stands stunned. Vedant fires the bullet Harman takes the bullet on him. Saumya stands shocked and calls out Harman’s name.

Next Week: Harman fights with Vedant and the duo falls down from the cliff. Saumya calls out Harman’s name loudly and panics.

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