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Episode starts with Shanno telling to Beeji that she can confirm. She gives Beeji one photo. Beeji says to Shanno that she will confirm from the person and will learn whether she is right person or liar like her family. Beeji goes.

Shanno thinks now Heer’s life will be messed up. She thinks Saumya’s transgender truth was out after a month but she will be exposed within 10 days. Shanno smirks. There, Beeji thinks she will confirm and will avenge Heer for taking Virat from her. She decides to meet Kareena.

Other side, Heer, Virat along with their family performs puja. Virat’s mother looks for Teejender. Virat’s father says to her that she went to the temple. Ahead, Virat surprises Heer by decorating ‘I Love You’ diyas for her. He asks Heer to keep smiling. Heer recalls Virat telling to her that as per Preeto’s condition they are half married couple. She says to Virat post he joined Preeto’s team, her smile fade away. Preeto enters along with her family. Heer misbehaves with her. Virat takes Preeto’s side. Rohan says to Heer that they all are here for her. Heer welcomes all except Preeto. Virat asks Preeto to come along. Preeto asks Virat it is time for his to fulfil her conditions. She gives a bottle to Virat and instructs him to spike the drink so that all accuses Heer. Virat refuses but Preeto force Virat to do whatever she is saying.

Meanwhile, Teejander visit Kareena. Kareena asks about her introduction. Teejander tells Kareena that she is Virat’s aunty. Kareena asks if Virat got married. Teejander tells with Heer and says Shanno gave her the address. Kareena drags Teejander inside. Teejander asks Kareena to tell the truth. Kareena asks her to give her more money if she wants to learn the truth. She gives her the time. Teejnader thinks how Heer insulted her and gets ready to give money to Kareena. Kareena tells to Teejander, Heer is and she gets shocked.

There, Virat thinks to spy the drink. He gets nervous. Preeto thinks Virat has to insult Heer today as it is necessary. Meanwhile, Simran misbehaves with Rohan. Rohan apologizes to her without his mistake for Heer’s sake. Virat about spikes Heer’s drink. Heer comes from behind. Bottle from Virat’s hand fall. Heer asks Virat why he is nervouse. Virat makes an excuse and asks her to have soft-drink. He thinks he don’t know which glass has spiked drink. He drinks along with Heer and thinks Preeto’s plan is failed. Towards the end of the episode, both the family gets shocked seeing Heer’s drunken avatar. Virat feels bad about Heer.