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The episode starts with Soham saying his dadu may be trapped in robbery or some crime and be given life imprisonment. Heer says if Virat did any crime, she would herself shoot him. But she has full trust on her Virat, he wouldn’t do any wrong. Preeto says Virat is not massiah, he can do mistakes. Mahi takes Heer to room. Preeto asks them to call Harak, to check if he is fine or not.

Harak and Virat are drinking and having fun. Virat asks Dadu what problem does he have with his and Heer’s relation. He tells Harak to ask his doubts, questions, if he fails to answer he won’t see Heer’s face again. Harak says Heer is Kinnar, it is the problem. Virat says love happens between 2 souls, he has a soul connection with Heer, their love is Khuda.

Heer is no a problem, she is solution to all his problems. Harak asks what if his parents know the truth in future, they won’t be able to digest the truth and trouble Heer. Virat says he will take Heer somewhere far and live. Flashback, Harak and Preeto torture Soumya after knowing her identity. Harak says as a boy’s father, his parents will also do the same. He doesn’t want his granddaughter undergo the same problems as Soumya.

Virat says he will tell his parents that he can’t become a father, they will never know of Heer’s truth. Harak says important decisions can’t be taken in a drunken state. Virat hugs Dadu, Dadu is also about to hug Virat but Preeto comes and stops him. Preeto says its fun for youth to play with elders emotions. Preeto tells Harak they shall leave. Virat says he drank alcohol first time in Heer’s memory with his father on roads. His father felt cold while returning home, he used to put shawl on his Dadu. He puts shawl on Harak singh and they leave.

Virat’s sister says he is trying to impress his would be in-laws. Virat’s parents says its fine, marriage will happen soon. She says what’s the hurry, they say they want grand children soon and seeing Heer-Virat love, they believe they will get grand children soon after marriage.

Virat dreams of Heer and dances with her. He comes to reality and she disappears.

Preeto asks Harak what was the need to drink with Virat. Harak says he was talking about Harman, Preeto says so anyone can make him do anything in the name of Harman. Harak talks about Harman and Preeto also cries listening him.

Virat says they think his love is selfish, when will they understand his true love.

Harak cries in memory of Harman, Heer comes to him. Preeto sees this and calls Mallika and says Virat and Harak drank together, now Harak is crying, she asks Mallika if she is understanding what she wants to say. Mallika says yes, kinnars will support in whichever decision they take.

Virat’s mother sees Virat outside their home and takes him inside. She makes him sleep on Sofa, he mumbles he loves Heer a lot and will never say she is…He just misses revealing truth of her kinnar identity. Virat’s bhabhi says may be they should go and talk with Heer’s family, they may not believe Virat after what all happened, if elder ones talk, something may happen. Virat’s sister says Virat prohibited them from talking to Heer’s family. Virat’s mother says she will talk to them, she can’t see Virat like this.

Heer dreams of Virat and Mahi wakes her up in the morning. She is about to go to Sasural, if she sleeps late like this, her Saas will send her back. Heer says her saas will listen to her. Preeto comes there, Heer says her grand ma is dhakkad, everyone has to fear her. Preeto asks Heer to stay with her forever. Heer says she will feel happy if she used her dhakkad nature in doing marriage rather than stopping it.