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The episode starts with Preeto calling Virat. Virat is about to receive the call. Parmeet and Sant enter Gurwindar’s room. They tell Virat to take rest. Virat goes out and checks Preeto’s missed calls. He calls Heer but its switched off. He calls Preeto and the latter reveals to him that Heer is missing. They were searching for Gitu and her father as they got kidnapped. Virat gets shocked to learn all these. He talks to Guru and latter says he is also helping Heer. Virat asks about their location and goes there.

Balwindar admits that he got all the properties by deceiving Harman. He says how can Harman think he can fool him using the same trick. Harman tells Balwindar to throw away the gun as he is drunk. Anyone can get shot. Balwindar warns everyone not to interfere. He shuts Raavi up. He says he will kill Harman today. Balwindar is about to shoot Harman but Saumya throws a vase at Balwindar’s hand. The gun falls down and Harman punches Balwindar. They get into a fight. Saumya takes the gun. Viran stops Harman from getting hyper. Balwindar gets furious and says Raavi betrayed him and she should get punished first. He chokes her and Harman separates them.

Virat tells Daljeet Heer is missing. He is going to find her. Parmeet stops Virat and says he became blind as Heer brainwashed him. But truth is different. Parmeet calls Gurwindar and the latter lies to Virat saying Heer pushed her from stairs. Gurwindar tells a fake story that Heer put the charges of false molestation case on Daljeet to avenge him.

Gurwindar says she overheard Heer’s conversation with Gitu. Heer caught her and pushed her to death in fear. Virat can’t believe that and says he will meet Heer to know the truth. He is about to leave but a courier comes for him. He sees a letter sent by Heer. He reads it out and learns Heer used Gitu to take revenge from Daljeet. Why his family has forgiven Daljeet easily and why Virat supported them. She says she is leaving and Virat has to promise he wont find her. Virat sits devastated and recalls his memories with Heer. He gets heartbroken.

Balwindar breaks a bottle and tries to attack Raavi in anger. Saumya warns him to drop the gun and holds him at gun point but he doesn’t pay attention. Saumya shoots him to save Raavi. Balwindar falls down. Everyone gets shocked. Parmeet instigates Virat against Heer saying this is Heer’s handwriting only and she wants to torture him mentally by sending this letter. Virat will go to find her and will get mad for her. Sant says Heer thought Gurwindar will expose her after regaining consciousness thus she left. Virat tells them to stop talking and leaves out of frustration. Gurwindar apologises to Virat for lying.

Police investigates in Harman’s house and Raavi is in state of shock. Doctor checks her and tells her family to take extra care of her. Harak and Preeto come in and ask Viran what happened. They get shocked to know Balwindar got shot. Saumya gets teary.

Episode ends