Today’s episode starts with Harak puts Vedant on gun point. Saumya interrupts. Vedant ran away. Harak chases Vedant but he somehow manages to run away. Harak accuses Saumya and yells at her for always supporting wrong people. He further asks Saumya to never step into his house again.

Vedant calls and threatens Saumya that he will abduct Heer. Saumya receives a call from Heer and ahead she requests Harak to allow her to visit the house. She pleads in front of Harak, Harak allows her to enter house.

Saumya goes to Mallika house and ask them to help her to trap Vedant so that she can resend him jail.  Chameli agrees but Mallika interrupts. She says she will help Saumya on only one condition.

Mallika deals with Saumya and ask her to bring Heer whenever she gets the time as she too wants to spend time with her. Saumya returns back without saying a word.

Mallika further orders other kinnars to find Vedant. They get confuse, later Mallika clarifies why she kept condition in front Saumya.

Here, Harak asks Preeto if ever she sees Vedant in front of her than how she will react. Preeto recalls how Vedant pushed Harman from the cliff. She says she will kill him. Harak says he went to do the same but Saumya stopped him. Preeto and Singh mates’ stands shocked.

Preeto scolds Saumya and ask her to stop interrupting in her house matters.She further ask her to go and spend time with kids as they were waiting for her.

Next morning, Saumya visits Mallika and other kinnars with Heer, Rohan and Soham. She says to Mallika that she brought Heer here so that if, ever she learns about her identity she doesn’t start hating herself like she used to do. Meanwhile, Soham misbehaves with Kinnars and Saumya stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: A man clicks photographs of Rohan, Soham and Heer. Vedant disguise veil woman and runs with Heer pushing Rohan and Preeto. Preeto faints.