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The episode starts with Virat asking Sant about Parmeet’s test reports. Parmeet gets tensed. Heer thinks Virat should not reveal the truth right now. Kinnars enter Harak’s house and neighbours taunt them saying their locality is not for literate people anymore, as kinnars keep visiting here because of Saumya. Saumya welcomes her community people and asks about one list she gave them. She checks the list of all kinnars in the area. Harman asks her why she made a list. Saumya replies to her that no kinnars will collect money by begging from now on. They will work hard to earn money. Harman praises her idea saying before also Saumya thought of their self respect and gave them job in factories. Kareena asks so they are not allowed to bless people.

Saumya says they will bless them for sure but in return they won’t ask for money. One of the kinnars thank Saumya for her right decision. She says Saumya’s intentions has always been pure. Saumya says she doesn’t need to be a leader to do good for others. Harman supports her. Preeto suggests everyone that Saumya’s abhishek will happen in Harak’s house only. Kinnars tell her that already neighbours are taunting them, now they will do it more if they perform the ritual here. Harak says we are society and they have no right to judge us. He tells them to not hesitate to perform the ritual in his house for Saumya.

Parmeet acts like she is worried for Heer and she tells her to take some rest. Doorbell rings and Virat says he has called someone. He opens the door and one doctor comes in. Virat says this is Doctor Singh and she is his friend’s family physician. So he called her to treat Parmeet. Virat adds he thought of taking second opinion as the previous doctor doesn’t seem good, Parmeet is not fine yet. Doctor Singh goes to check Parmeet. Heer asks Virat why is he doing all these? Virat says he will end Parmeet’s drama today. How can she fake illness to fool her own son.

Doctor checks Parmeet and the latter lies to the doctor about her health symptoms. Doctor replies Parmeet is perfectly fine. Gurwindar requests the doctor to not reveal anything to Virat. Doctor says this is not possible. She can’t lie about her patient’s health condition. It’s against her will.

Doctor tells the truth to Virat and he explodes in anger. He calls Parmeet and Gurwindar. Gurwindar tells Parmeet that they have to face Virat. They go downstairs and Virat starts breaking stuffs angrily. He questions Parmeet why can’t she admit that she is not going to accept Heer in this life. Why she did all the drama and broke Virat’s heart. Parmeet tries to defend herself but Virat doesn’t let her speak. Virat says Heer is getting fooled all the time by Parmeet’s drama. Heer thinks Parmeet accepted her but that’s a lie. Virat taunts Parmeet that the latter has no other job except hurting her son by snatching his love. Heer tries to stop Virat but Virat refuses to listen to her. He says he won’t leave Heer, Parmeet should accept it as soon as possible. He leaves angrily. Heer follows him.. Parmeet is left shocked. Sant scolds her saying he warned her beforehand but she didn’t took his warning seriously. Now she will bear the consequences.

Parmeet suspects Heer of instigating Virat. She says Heer was overhearing their talk last night and then she instigated Virat against his mother. Parmeet calls Heer loudly.

Heer tells Virat why he reacted impulsively when she told him not to do that. Virat says he can’t stand lie. Parmeet deceived them again so he lost his cool. Heer calms him down saying he should not take this much stress. Virat rests his head on Heer’s lap and says only she gives him peace. Virat adds he left his parents so that they don’t get annoyed by Heer’s presence. Still they acted like they accepted Heer and then betrayed her. Heer says we’ll find a solution together. As before also they have handled every big issues. Parmeet loses her calm and starts throwing stuffs angrily.

Episode ends