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The episode starts with Virat and Heer’s families doing Puja at their homes respectively. Virat vows to convince Heer’s family in 9 days and he will light diya’s as he gets closer to his destination. Heer prays to God to make Preeto and Harak Singh agree for her marriage with Virat.

Harak Singh touches mud emotionally and cries remembering his wrestling with Harman. Virat comes there and calls Harak Singh by name, Harak remembers how Harman used to call him in similar style. Virat says he heard how father and son used to take import decisions while wrestling. He asks if they can play a match. Harak says he gave that right only to his son. Virat says he doesn’t want to take his son’s place, but he can treat him as second son and play, a wrestler can’t deny a fight. Harak agrees.

Virat’s parents come to Heer’s home, Virat’s mother says they came with Virat’s proposal for Heer, she asks Preeto to forget other’s words and think about it, Preeto says she already told her decision. Virat’s father says these kind of important decisions can’t be taken in anger. He asks where is Harak Singh, he is not seen around.

Harak Singh and Virat have a fist fight, Virat wins. Virat says he will call him Harak Singh from now on as a reward for winning as it feels personal, they have heart to heart connection now. Harak Singh leaves silently.

Preeto says there’s nothing to discuss, this marriage can’t happen, why are they forcing. She throws Shagun but Harak Singh catches it and prevents it from falling. He agrees for Virat and Heer’s marriage. He says Heer can’t find any man better than Virat. He tells Virat’s parents that he accepted Shagun. They get happy and are leaving, Harak tells Heer to leave her would be-in-laws till outside.

Preeto asks Harak Singh what did Virat mix in alcohol that he agreed for marriage. Heer is kinnar and she can’t marry, he knows what happened with Soumya after marriage. Harak says Virat will stand by Heer just like Harman always supported Soumya. Preeto says she won’t let this marriage happen.

Outside Heer sees Virat, she gets happy and says Dadu agreed for their marriage. She steps on a stone and is about to fall, Virat holds her, they stare at each other and share happiness, Heer says she is so excited to start a new life with him, marriage, kids..Virat remembers her kinnar identity and says they won’t have kids, they will enjoy till old age.

Heer asks why, she will cancel marriage if he says No for kids. Virat says she wants to roam around world, so they will go to world tour. They will adopt children, Heer asks why to adopt if she is there. Virat says because she is careless and she will become fat during pregnancy as stomach pops out, they have light hearted moments. Heer says she will go inside now, otherwise Dadu will come out. Virat asks her to give a hug to Dadu on behalf of him.