Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 20th August 2019 Written Update: Saumya looks for Harman!

Today’s episode starts with people asking about Harman from Preeto and Harak. Preeto yells at the crowd and says that Harman will come back and each one of you will see. She asks them to leave.

Preeto enters the house and recalls Harman’s moment. She says Vedant pushed Harman and she will not leave him. Harak calms down Preeto on the name of Harman. Preeto ask Mahi to call Harman and ask him when he will come. Mahi cries. Shanno says she called but Harman’s mobile is off. Preeto attacks Shanno and Harak ask Preeto to relax.

At kinner house Chameli says to Mallika to call doctor, as Saumya is not gaining consciousness. Mallika says no. Saumya wakes up taking Harman’s name. She asks did they found Harman or not. Mallika says they searched but.. Saumya says she will find him.

Saumya says she will go and search Harman. Mallika stops Chameli from going behind Saumya.  Mallika cries her heart out in front of Chameli.

Mahi at her room cries and complains to the God and ask why he has taken Harman from her. She holds Harman’s photo and cries. She says she never came between Harman and Saumya. Ravi and Sindhu sees her from far.

Saumya sees Harman from the back. Raavi and Sindhu come to Mahi and console her.

Saumya recalls her moments with Harman and gets teary. She calls out Harman’s name and keeps her hand on the person. She sees

Police informs that their rescue team is working and searching Harman but they can’t assure that they will find Harman. Preeto pleads to the police to search Harman. Police ask Preeto to stay strong.

Saumya goes to the same place from Harman fall down. She calls out Harman’s name, says she can’t live without him, and cries. Saumya pleads Harman to come back. Someone says Gulabo. She turns and sees Rohan and Soham. Rohan says he learned her whole story. Saumya recalls all the flashback. Rohan says to Saumya not to worry, as Harman will come back.

Soham cries. Saumya ask Rohan to return home. Rohan sees someone’s purse and gives it to Saumya. Rohan says they will search for Harman instead of going back home. Mallika sees them from far.

Saumya sleeps with Soham and Rohan at the temple. She thinks to stay strong for Soham and Rohan.

Police again tells to Harak that Harman is found nowhere. Preeto loses her mental balance.

Saumya calls Ravi and ask for Harman. Ravi says no. Saumya hears Preeto’s word and ask Ravi did they get Harman’s jacket. Ravi says rescue team found nothing, as they are just lieing to Preeto to keep her alive.

Saumya comes to Singh house and ask to Ravi about Preeto. Ravi asks her to go and meet Preeto. Harak stops Saumya and ask her not to step inside.

Harak accuses Saumya and says because of her they lost Harman. Saumya cries and ask Harak to think positive, as she has believed that Harman will return. Harak asks Saumya to stay in her own dream and spare them. He asks Singh mates to believe that Harman will never return now. Saumya says none can separate Harman from her.

Harak yells back at Saumya.  Preeto hears Harak from far. Harak says to Saumya that she is Harman’s murderer. Saumya cries. Ravi supports Saumya. Harak ask her to shut up. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Harman keeps hand on Preeto. Preeto gets happy seeing him. Harman says that Harak is throwing Saumya out. He asks Preeto to not let Saumya step out. He asks her to stop her. Preeto stands stunned and looks at Saumya.

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