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The episode starts with Sant calling Virat. He tells Virat to come back home soon as Parmeet has lost her calm. Virat tells him not to do any kind of drama again. Virat disconnects the call and tells Heer about it. Heer says we should make them understand our point. Virat replies to her its of no use as they will again try to separate them. Parmeet gets injured while throwing stuffs. Gurwindar tries to stop her.

Saumya tells Harman to call Heer. Harman tells her to focus on her own work, he will manage the household responsibilities. Later he calls Heer and understands that she is bit upset. He asks her the reason. Heer reveals about Parmeet’s drama and Harman asks her why she told about it to Virat. Heer says Virat told her to swear on him so she couldn’t lie. Harman then informs Heer about Saumya’s abhishek, who is going to be Guru Mata again. Heer gets happy for Saumya and says she will obviously attend. But Harman tells her not to as he wants her to stay away from kinnar community after what happened in college. Saumya too wants the same. They want Heer to concentrate on studies. Heer says how can she not attend her Gulabo’s function? Harman says just for few months.

Heer notices one guy who is not able to submit his fees due to financial problem. Guru helps him by giving money and Heer gets impressed seeing that. She tells him that he is not a bad person, Guru says if she considers him good then why cant she accept his friendship. Why she starts thinking too much when it comes to accept his friendship. She will get profit only if she accepts. Heer says its about profit or loss but friendship is special for her. She says she can accept him as her friend but in return Guru won’t argue with anybody in college, neither he will trouble Virat. Guru promises her and they shake hands. Virat notices them at that time and gets irked. Heer gets worried seeing Virat’s expressions. She thinks now Virat will react aggressively without knowing the whole matter.

Saumya makes food and Harman caresses her hair. He tells her about what happened in Virat’s house. Saumya says Heer has done the right thing by informing Virat about the truth. Harman says but Parmeet will hold Heer responsibile for the rift between her and Virat. Saumya says what Parmeet thinks about Heer that doesn’t matter. What Virat thinks about Heer that matters. Later Saumya tells Harman to taste the bhajiya she is making. She teases Harman saying he is not helping her in making bhajiya so he will get punished, she applies besan on Harman’s nose and the latter cleans it with her Saree fall. Saumya feeds him the bhajiya. They share a funny moment.

Heer goes behind Virat and asks why he is getting jealous. Just because she made a new male friend. Virat says not like that. He gets close to Heer and pulls her hand. Guru notices that. He suddenly pushes Virat and scolds him for flirting with Heer. Virat smiles at him and asks why he pokes his nose all the time. Virat says he is having a private talk with Heer, Guru threatens Virat saying he is student union president so he can order students to beat Virat. Virat challenges him and says he is enough to tackle Guru.

Virat starts beating Guru and the latter also hits him. They get into a fight and Heer tries to stop them. Guru’s friends hold Heer tightly. Virat kicks Guru and the latter is about to fall from the balcony but Virat saves him from falling. Guru gets up and apologises to Virat for saving him. Guru says Virat is not a bad guy but he misbehaved with him. He tells Virat to be his friend as well just like Heer became his friend. Virat accepts Guru’s friendship and they hug each other. Heer gets happy to see that.

Episode ends