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Harak Singh says he also loves Heer, then Preeto asks why he agreed for marriage, in this house everyone is against marriage except Mahi. He vowed not to get Heer married and made her brothers as her bodygaurds, they sent Soumya far away. She always supported him and he broke his vow. But she won’t let the marriage happen. She leaves.

Soham says he thought Dadu is most mature and understanding in this house, Dadu tells him to shut up, he tried to kill his sister using bomb, he has no right to talk about her. Rohan says they know Virat loves Heer but staying whole life with Kinnar is different. Heer comes and everyone is shocked. Soham leaves.

 Heer hugs Dadu saying he is best, she asks if everyone agreed, Dadu says all will agree soon. He tells her to get ready as most beautiful bride in the town, she also says him to be most handsome Dadu. Dadu takes Rohan with him out. Preeto sees this and thinks Harak is influencing everyone, she thinks to reveal Heer’s truth to Parmeet, they will reject marriage themselves. Mahi says she can’t do it, whole world will know the truth and they are not ready to face it. Preeto says her to stop wedding then.


Simran says they went to Heer’s house with Shagun and Preeto threw it, why do they have so much ego, Baksh says he feel like throwing them behind bars. Parmeet says she will do anything for her son’s happiness, she will show them their real place after Heer comes to their home.

Gurwinder hears their conversation and thinks she won’t let what happened with her happen with Heer, she will protect Heer as elder sister rather than Devrani. Virat comes home and his mother tells him that Harak Singh accepted Shagun though Preeto denied. Virat prays to Durga Ma.


Harak brings Rohan to kinnar’s place and tells Rohan to select anyone, he will make her bahu. Rohan is silent. Harak says finding faults is easy but loving is difficult, giving life for kinnar is difficult. Rohan is teary eyed. Mallika says not only Rohan, kinnar community is also against marriage. Harak says he wants to make Rohan understand, not fight them. He says Virat is good than all of them. He tells Rohan to think and make a decision.

Preeto is worried why Harak took Rohan to kinnar’s place. Rohan remembers how Virat protected Heer. Mallika tells Harak to think from Kinnar point of view, he will feel his decision is wrong. Rohan calls Virat and says he is also with them for marriage, he tells to think how to convince remaining family members. Virat thanks Rohan. He thanks Mata Rani for fulfilling his wishes so soon.

 Virat tells his parents that Heer’s brother Rohan also agreed for marriage, they get happy. Heer happily calls all family members, she tells Rohan agreed for marriage, she requests them also to agree. Preeto slaps Rohan. She asks why did he do this.

Heer asks Preeto how she alone decided its wrong, Dadu, Rohan and everyone are her family, her own. Rohan says he has no answer but he feels Heer and Virat should get married. Preeto pushes him. Soham asks her not to feel bad, Rohan is outsider, she is not his Nani as he calls. Rohan recalls his moments with Soham and feels sad.

Heer asks Soham how blood, khandaan came into this. Harak shouts at Soham to control his tongue. Relations are made by acceptance. He accepts Rohan as his own, more than blood. Bua says his case is different, he might have promised Virat in the drunken state. But Rohan forgot all favors and betraying them. Heer stands with Rohan and says Rohan is favoring them by leaving his nanu riches. Gulabo left her in the trust of Rohan. If Rohan is outsider, she is also outsider. As she is grand daughter of this house, Rohan is also grand son. Rohan leaves sadly.