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The episode starts with Preeto and Saumya search for the baby crying voice. They go in different directions. A mysterious man digs the soil and heads towards the crying baby to bury her. Saumya notices that and gets shocked. He picks up the baby and Saumya tells him to stop. She runs towards him and snatches the baby from him. She pushes him away and the latter tries to attack Saumya with a rod. Saumya runs away and he goes behind her. Preeto beats the man and the latter runs away. Saumya says to Preeto that person was trying to bury the child but she couldn’t see his face. Preeto and Saumya take the child to the hospital.

Harman calls Saumya and asks where are they? Saumya tells about the whole incident and says they will be back. Harman says he is also coming to the hospital but Saumya tells him to stay at home. She requests Harman not to hit Chintu after he reaches home. Saumya says she will handle the situation here. Doctor comes and informs Saumya and Preeto that the child is fine and she is newly born. Preeto assumes thats a girl child so her parents didn’t accept her and tried to bury her. Doctor reveals the child is a transgender not a girl so her family tried to kill her maybe. It shocks Preeto and Saumya. One ward boy overhears that. Saumya gets lost in thoughts and recalls all her childhood memories and gets emotional. Saumya goes towards the room where the child is laying. She holds the child in her arms and looks at her helplessly. Preeto comes to her and says why even God sent kinnars to the world when they don’t get respect from people. Their identity will trouble them forever and this society won’t let them live. The same thing is happening to the child what happened with Saumya. This child has no idea what will happen her in future.

Some kinnars are doing puja of Iravan devta. The ward boy calls a kinnar and informs her about the child who is newly born and is a kinnar too. The kinnar gets happy and announces it happily. Angel arrives and says after so long they got a good news. She says they will go to the hospital and will take the child as its their right. Angel says your Guru Mata is back from jail.

Preeto and Saumya go to file complaint against the child’s parents. Inspector says he will find them but before that the child will be sent to the childcare home. Angel comes with her gang and says this child belongs to their community and they will take her from them. Saumya and Preeto get stunned seeing her. Saumya stops Angel from coming forward. She says how Angel came out of jail. Angel says no law could prove her guilty and there was no proof too. She got bail. Angel warns the inspector not to interfere in their matter else there will be consequences. She will provoke all kinnars in various communities. Saumya tells her she has no right on the child. Angel says the child should stay with them as she is a kinnar. Saumya says she has also right to take the child, as she is also a kinnar and saved the child. Saumya adds Angel will use the baby for her own benefit and won’t give her good upbringing. She will then throw her out after getting benefit. So the child will stay with Saumya only. Angel gets angry and says you can’t stop me from taking the baby. Preeto says they will stop her.

Episode ends