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Preeto thinks what to do, whom to talk, she is not understanding anything. She thinks to talk to Gulwinder, she is understanding woman. She thinks to make a team at Virat’s home who are against this marriage just like there’s a team here who want marriage. She calls Gulwinder and says she wants to talk about an important matter, she will say why she is against marriage.

 Virat asks if she will say, he reminds her she took a promise not to reveal Heer’s truth to anyone and now she herself is revealing. He says Bhabhi went to bring him water, she came now and gives her phone. Preeto disconnects the call saying she will talk later. Harak says this much anger is not good for health, he tries to calm her down but she says her biggest strength is not with her today but she will fight.


Rohan is sad remembering Soham’s words. Heer brings his favourite chocolate milk shake but he doesn’t take it. She says lineage is just namesake, relations are made through heart. Rohan still looks sad, Heer tickles him and makes him laugh.


Harak, Rohan make Sindhu, Raavi meet Virat.  Virat tries to make them agree for marriage, he says he will go and live with kinnars if they don’t agree. Sindhu says they don’t want Heer to go through the problems Soumya faced. Virat says he will love and support Heer more than Harman’s love for Soumya. He gives them time till tomorrow morning. Rohan says Virat can do anything for Heer, so don’t take his words as empty threats. He tells them to think properly and make a decision.


Next day morning, Virat sees the time and tells his family that he will go to Kinnar’s place. They are shocked and ask why. Raavi and Sindhu come and say they know the reason. Raavi says Virat wants to donate money to kinnars as a kinnar blessed him that he will get married to Heer. Raavi and Sindhu say they are okay with marriage, Virat gets happy and says he will donate double, triple amount now.


Preeto asks where are Sindhu and Raavi, Soham says they agreed for marriage. Harak, Rohan, Sindhu, Raavi come together. Preeto shouts at Harak and pushes him, she asks him to go out of this house, she can’t stay with him. She gets a stick and hits Harak. He says he is not filmy hero and its paining. Preeto goes to room and cries sitting on floor. Harak asks everyone to go to their rooms. Heer is going to Preeto’s room but Harak stops her. She says Preeto crossed limits today, he asks her not to blame Preeto.  Heer tries to do first aid but Harak says those who caused him pain, they will put ointment.


Raavi tells Heer to understand, Heer says Preeto hit Harak because of her, she is guilty. Raavi says love has different forms, everyone has different way of expressing love. She asks how Heer expresses her love to Virat, by hugging and telling I Love You, Heer nods. Sindhu says Preeto hitting is her way of expressing love, pain.