Today’s episode opens with Palak asking Saumya to write Harman’s name on Maahi’s hand. Saumya gets teary. Preeto ask Palak to put Mehendi by herself, as Saumya will destroy it. Palak writes Harman’s name on Maanhi’s hand. Harman watches Saumya from far. Palak ask Saumya to call Harman

Harman recalls his flashback with Saumya. Saumya comes and asks Harman to come for the function. Vedant asks Saumya to put Mehendi of his name too, as he wants to find his name on her hand. Palak takes Saumya and writes Vedant’s name on her hand. Saumya self-talks and says that they can force her to put anyone’s name on her hand but none can replace Harman from her heart.

Harak comes and asks everyone to dance. Mallika and Chameli search for the way to escape. At Kinner house everyone looks for Mallika and Chameli. Kareena asks everyone to find the duo.

Harak and Preeto dances for Harman. Preeto says to everyone that Saumya too is a good dancer. She asks Saumya to perform for Harman.

Saumya dances on (Taare Hain Baarti Song), Harman tries to read her face. Saumya gets emotional and runs from the function after performing. Harman looks for Saumya.

Few Trans-gender comes and Harak Singh stops them. They ask for Mallika and Chameli. Kareena says they doubt that someone has abducted the duo. Tarns-gender accuses Singh mates for plotting something big. Vedant interrupts and Harman silently hears their talk. Harman finds something fishy and goes to meet behind Saumya.

Harman comes to meet Saumya and says she danced well. Harman taunts Saumya. he says with whom she has promised to spend seven births she is happily seeing him marrying with someone else. The duo talks with each other. Harman goes away.

Vedant comes and praises Saumya. He says he wasn’t kowing she can go to the extreme for Harman’s happiness. Saumya says she is doing everything only for Harman.

Vedant opens the door and Mallika and Chameli runs from there. Vedant calls someone and ask his men to block their way.

Mallika and Chameli runs, Vedant searches for them.

Mallika calls Harman and ask him to meet her behind the temple. She tells him on call that she wants to tell him Suamya’s truth.

Mallika waits at the temple and Preeto comes from behind and smiles. Kareena and other trans-gender come. Preeto recalls how Vedant has alerted her. Preeto says she has received the call and came to meet her. Mallika gets stunned.

Preeto says this time no one can unite Harman and Saumya. Mallika says that none can separate Harman and Saumya. Kareena hits Mallika and she falls down. Preeto says she is doing everything for her son’s happiness. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Harman and Maahi sit for the marriage. Priest asks Preeto to tie the knot. Preeto says Saumya will do that. Saumya cries while she ties Harman and Maahi’s knot.