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The episode starts with Gurwindar telling Virat and Heer that Parmeet gained her consciousness. Virat goes to see Parmeet. Doctor tells him that Parmeet is fine now but he needs to take good care of her after she gets discharged. Heer says she will take care of Parmeet from now on. Virat apologises to Parmeet saying he shouldn’t have misunderstood her also she shouldn’t have trusted Dr Singh. Heer suggests Virat to file complaint against the doctor. Parmeet says whenever they tried to take step against Angel, she troubled her family a lot. So she doesn’t want any more fight or drama. Heer indirectly taunts Parmeet saying she is right and Angel must have understood that they wont get separated and she should accept the fact that Virat and Heer are inseparable no matter how many times she try separate them. Parmeet gets irked. Heer whispers in Parmeet’s ears that she should be careful from now on else there will be consequences. Later Gurwindar tells Virat to go back home, she will finish the discharge procedure. Virat refuses but Parmeet insists him to go back. Virat leaves with Heer.

Parmeet gets up and asks Gurwindar how can Virat trust Heer so much, he didn’t doubt her for once. Gurwindar says she will keep eyes on Virat and Heer 24/7 from now on. Then they will make another plan to trouble Heer on right time. Preeto tells Saumya and Harman to take rest. She has lots of responsibilities. Saumya says she doesn’t consider the responsibilities as burden and she has Harman’s support so she feels stress free.

Heer tells Virat to stop the car in midway. Virat asks her does she want to romance with him in middle of the road. Virat says he likes the idea though. Heer says she wants to spend some quality time with him and they will have tea too. She takes him with her and they blow bubbles at each other. Virat and Heer enjoy the moment fully and share a laugh. Later Heer buys some balloons and runs holding them. Virat stops her and asks why is she running from him. Heer tells him to assume that their worries are stuck inside the balloons. She blows the balloons and says to Virat that their troubles and stress will go away like this. Virat says whenever Heer is with him he forgets all his tensions. Heer holds his hands and says she needs special thanks from him. Virat teases her and they both go to have coffee. Heer calls it a coffee date.

Heer thanks Virat for always supporting her. She says I thought you will misunderstand me in the hospital. Virat says such thoughts should not come into your mind again. He adds there will be no misunderstanding between them anymore. There will be love only. Virat wonders why Angel wants to separate them. Heer thinks wish I could tell you that your mother and sister in law want to separate us. Virat takes two cups of coffee and Heer gets shocked seeing Guru and his gang members there. She hides seeing them. Virat turns back and wonders where did Heer go. Later he gets surprised seeing Guru. Guru asks him what is he doing here that too with two cups of coffee. They never saw him here before. Virat makes excuse saying he wants to enjoy the rainy season by imagining he is out on a date with a beautiful girl. Guru feels awkward. He then insists Virat to spend some time with his friends. Virat says he wants to go home but Guru forces him to hangout with them. Virat thinks he can’t leave Heer alone but Guru tells him to drive the car and tells him to stop showing tantrums. Virat looks at Heer.

Virat goes to a club with Guru’s friends. Guru tells him to drink alcohol and says you are my type. Virat refuses but later agrees. Heer reaches the club and notices Virat. She feels Virat is enjoying without her. Virat misses Heer in the club.

Episode ends