Today’s episode opens with Bebe. She sees Saumya lying on the bed and gets shocked. Maninder tells to Bebe that she Gayatri’s patient.

Reet ask sweet from Bebe and she gives her. She further gives auspicious thread to Reet and ask her to tie on her hand, as it will protect her. Reet takes the thread and ties it on Saumya’s hand. Heer and Soham miss Saumya and  Rohan cries hearing Heer and Soham’s talk.

Saumya’ body shows the movement. Gayatri runs to her room, checks her and tells to Reet that Saumya can come out from coma anytime soon. Reet decides to inform Heer about the same. Bebe ask Maninder to kill Saumya. Maninder tells to Bebe that he tried. Other side, Rohan tries to cheer up Heer and Soham. There, Varun comes to meet Veeran. Varun demands money from Veeran and decides to leave the city.

Veeran tells Varun about Soham. Ahead, Reet invites Heer for her birthday.  

Later, Soham ask Preeto to tell him where his grandmother and father’s house is. Preeto makes as story. Here, Shanno makes a deal with Varun. She him to give her Saumya’s address and in return she will help him in taking away Soham. Varun says to Shanno that he don’t want to make any deal with her, as after coming back from jail he wants to start a fresh life. Meanwhile, Maninder and Bebe decide to kill Saumya. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Saumya’s soul comes and talks with Maninder. Maninder cries hearing Saumya’s word and stands stunned. Saumya says to Maninder that from now he is childless.