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Virat surprisingly asks Mahi if Preeto hit Harak and Harak let her beat him. He laughs and says Harak is very cute. Mahi says all this is happening to unite him and Heer, she asks him to treat Heer well. She says she felt jealous of Soumya that being a kinnar, she got Harman’s love and status of his wife, Heer’s mother and this house daughter-in-law. She wishes the same for Heer.

Virat promises to keep Heer happy always. Virat’s sister hears his words and calls all the family, she tells Virat if he wants his in laws secret to be secret, he has to buy her designer lehenga. Virat says okay, his mother asks what’s the matter, she says Virat is talking to Heer about their baby names. They laugh and say they are waiting become grand parents. Virat thinks about Heer words of babies and thinks he has to answer many people.

Preeto applies haldi paste to Harak’s wounds. She says she was angry, he could have run. He says he saw the love in her eyes, how could he run. Mahi comes and says Preeto cares for Heer the most, Heer wishes to get married to Virat more than anything. Preeto thinks of moments Virat proved his love and agrees for marriage.

Preeto and family come to Virat house, Preeto says she is okay with Virat-Heer’s marriage. Virat gets happy and takes their blessings, he thanks Goddess Durga and lights Diya, Preeto lights another Diya and prays. Preeto is leaving, Virat comes to Rohan and excitedly says Heer will become his wife. He thanks Rohan, Rohan tells him not to disappoint Heer. Virat says he won’t, he will love Heer more than him. Preeto hears this and they all leave.

Preeto says she agreed for marriage, but she will decide where and how will Heer live post marriage, they shouldn’t deny her. They all say its her wish, they won’t object her. Preeto makes them to tell the same keeping their hands on her head. They go inside and Rohan tells Heer they will start marriage preparations.

Heer gets happy and hugs Preeto, she thanks her saying she made her so much happy. Heer goes towards Soham and requests him also to agree for marriage, she reminds how he became Santa and gifted her, he becomes emotional and agrees for marriage if everyone’s happiness lies in it. Heer says let’s celebrate the moment and they dance.

Dadi is angry and calls Mallika and informs everything is set for Virat-Heer’s marriage. Mallika calls all kinnars and says only they can stop marriage, let’s go. No one moves and reminds Mallika of promise, they won’t go to bring Heer unless she breaks down herself and comes. Mallika tells them to be clear, they also want the marriage to happen.

Virat is dancing with Heer’s photo frame, Soham thinks dance how much ever they want, tomorrow breaking news will be Heer is kinnar. Heer stops dancing and thanks everyone for supporting her so much, otherwise she thought her marriage would never happen. Mahi says tomorrow is Haldi and tells Heer to dream.

Dadi asks Soham what happened, he was telling he will do this, he will do that, but he also agreed for marriage. Soham asks her to wait and watch, what happens tomorrow.