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The episode starts with Preeto telling everyone that she has taken a decision. She spent whole night with the child and she reminded her of Heer. As if Heer came back to them. Preeto says she wants to adopt the child. Saumya says sure they will adopt the kid. Preeto says she will give same amount of love to the child so that noone can point fingers at her. Harman asks why will people do that. Preeto says as the child is not a girl but she is a kinnar. Everyone gets shocked. Saumya tells Harman that they couldn’t get time to inform him about her identity. Harman says they will make the child strong so that she faces the world fearlessly.

Chintu says an unnamed child is getiing all rights but not the real heir. His family is giving preference to a kinnar over their son. How bad is that. He talks ill about Heer too. Virat slaps Chintu and tells him not to badmouth Heer but Chintu also slaps him and they get into a fight. Harman stops them. Chintu says why are they giving importance to a kinnar. Preeto says this is her house and she will give importance to the baby. Chintu gets irked and he instigates Raavi saying her family wants to disown them and that’s why they are giving priority to a kinnar. Harman goes towards Chintu angrily but Saumya calms him. Someone sends a message to the family through a letter by breaking the window of the house.

Harman reads it which is a threat and it says they need the child back else there will be consequences. Harman wonders who sent it. Saumya says its done by Angel maybe. She got bail and came to take the baby in the hospital but Police threw her out. Viran says they have already faced many problems because of these kinnars so if any of them again gets hurt again because of the baby, they won’t be able to cope with it.

Simran supports Viran and Raavi says their decision can harm them again. They did everything for Heer and they don’t regret for it. But they can’t welcome trouble by accepting another transgender child, neither they have the energy to fight again. Chintu says he can use their disagreement for his own benefit. Saumya says she can understand they are scared but they can’t give the innocent child to Angel easily. Angel ruined many lives so they can’t let her ruin another life so the baby will stay with them.

Some masked men enter Harman’s house at night while everyone is sleeping. Chintu helps them by unlocking the door. The masked men take the child from Preeto’s bed while she is asleep and she wakes up thankfully. Harak and Preeto start screaming for help. Those kidnappers try to escape and all family members wake up. One kidnapper pushes Raavi away and she gets hurt. Chintu holds her. Those kidnappers scare Harman’s family by showing knife.

Saumya throws a vase at a kidnapper and he throws the baby upward after getting injured. Saumya and Harman get shocked seeing that. Saumya and Preeto rush to save the baby from falling down. Saumya saves her finally and they get relieved. Harman, Harak and Virat chase the kidnappers and they run away. Chintu thinks Saumya can’t flop his plan all the time. He will try again. Preeto asks why the baby is crying constantly. Harman says they could not catch anyone. Saumya says Angel is doing all these and she is trying her best to snatch the baby from them.

Episode ends