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Simran cries and hides pregnancy kit hearing too knock, she asks who came, Heer brought tea for her. Simran opens the door keeping her hand behind back. She talks to Arjun angrily, Heer hears it.


Parmeet throws some papers in dustbin and sees pregnancy kit, she remembers how Heer was in hurry to complete wedding vows, she must have sent Simran out for pregnancy test kit and not lipstick. She feels happy thinking Heer is pregnant.


Malika brings Shanoo to kinnar place, she has to stay here for some days, in that way she will understand kinnars and may even fall in love with them. Shanoo is petrified.


Parmeet tells Virat he gave her biggest happiness. Virat asks what happened, Parmeet feels Heer must have thought to surprise him. Virat asks her to tell, he won’t tell anything to Heer. Parmeet says Heer is pregnant, he is going to become father and she will become Dadi. She will share this happy news to all family members.

Virat remembers Preeto telling that Heer is kinnar. He feels there’s a misunderstanding and tries to stop Parmeet, but she is so excited and calls all family members. Simran hears her and goes to Heer’s room quickly. She asks Heer to help, she tells she is pregnant but Mom is thinking Heer is pregnant. She asks Heer to tell Mom she is pregnant.

Arjun will come soon with his parents and she will reveal truth after that. Heer says problem won’t be solved with her lying. She says they will go down and tell truth but Simran requests her not to do so. She puts knife on her hand and forces Heer to agree. Parmeet comes up and knocks on Heer room door, Heer says she is in washroom and will come in 5 mins.

Baksh asks why Parmeet called all of them, Parmeet asks them to wait, she will come with Heer. She asks Heer she is hiding things from now itself. Good news shouldn’t be hidden. Heer says she is pregnant. Baksh becomes ecstatic, he lifts Virat in happiness. Tejinder says Virat couldn’t become Chacha but is becoming father. Badi bahu never gave good news but Choti bahu made them happy. Gurwinder hugs Heer.

 Virat asks Heer what stupidity is this, Heer puts hand on his mouth stopping him from speaking. Parmeet tells him to learn father language. Tejinder says it because of her given kanhaji idol for muh dikhayi.

 They will get grandson. Parmeet hugs her and says they are getting new guest after many years, boy or girl, anyone is fine. Baksh says it will be boy only. Tejinder tells Heer to eat healthy, she will give birth to son. Heer smiles and agrees. Virat says he has to talk to Heer.