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The episode starts with Preeto feeding milk to the baby. She talks to her and gets delighted. Saumya tells Preeto that she wants to talk to her urgently. Preeto avoids her saying she is busy with the baby. Saumya keeps requesting her to listen for once. Preeto says she knows Saumya will talk about something bad. Veeran tells Preeto if she considers them family then she should value their opinions too. They don’t want the child to stay here. Preeto gets annoyed. Chintu says the family members are not united how will they take care of the child.

Chintu again brings the topic of Raavi’s injury. Preeto says his mother is doing fine and having breakfast so he should shut his mouth. Raavi says this time Chintu is not wrong as Angel can go to any extent to take the child, why can’t Preeto understand that. She even sent goons. Harak says just how they always fought with many difficult situations this time also they will manage. Harman tells Preeto to take Saumya’s suggestion. Saumya says she wants to stay with the baby in a different place for some days as it is not safe for the kid to stay here.

Preeto says she knew the idea will be bad. She says when the baby will grow up she will blame herself for breaking the family bond. Preeto says noone will leave the house but will stay with the baby like a family. She will be their daughter. Virat supports Preeto and Preeto says she doesn’t care what others think. She will adopt the child and will give property to her as well.

Chintu gets irked and thinks now he has to compete with a kinnar how shameful is that. Preeto says to Saumya that they both will take care of the child without caring about others’ opinions. Saumya recalls how she raised Heer. She relishes her own memories. She gets emotional.

Veeran tells Raavi that how can Preeto take such a decision. Already they suffered a lot for Heer and Saumya. Raavi says they lost Heer and now she can’t see her family in pain anymore because of the baby. Chintu brings coffee for Raavi and Veeran. Veeran gets suspicious and tells him to stop his drama. Chintu says he is not doing drama but Preeto and others have lost it. Raavi is so innocent that she gave the property to Preeto but she didn’t get anything in return.

Chintu asks Veeran is he so useless that he didn’t get any share of the property. Raavi tells Chintu not to talk about Property right now. She says they just want to send the child to her community safely. Nothing else. Chintu replies he is not a killer but Saumya is who killed his father. Still she is living without guilt. Chintu says he will send the baby in right place without hurting her. He gives Raavi fake assurance. He asks for Raavi and Veeran’s help.

Chintu tells them that they have to ask for their own share of property from Preeto and Harak. Veeran says that’s not possible. Chintu says Preeto and Saumya ruined everything, this is not a family anymore. He tells Raavi that she should start living her own life instead of being slave of Preeto. He brainwashes them.

Veeran says Chintu is right as Preeto never gave value to their opinions. So they will get separated. They will live somewhere else after getting the property share. Veeran tells Chintu not to hurt the baby at any cost. Raavi says they will talk about it later.

Preeto gives oil massage to the baby and plays with her. She takes the diaper and someone takes the baby from there. Preeto gets shocked seeing the baby is not in bed. She looks for her and sees something.

Episode ends